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Solar Power Windows – Understand More About Photo Voltaic Energy Windows A Device That Meet The Wants Of People Today

The race is on and I’m not talking about a race between cars and stuff. I am talking about the race to discover different ways and methods to gather energy from alternative sources. Fossil fuel is definitely efficient in giving all of us the energy we want be it electricity or fuel or whatever type we accustomed to consume. However, it’s also efficient in polluting our planet, releasing dangerous carbon gases that disrupt the natural balance in nature. The once normal CO2 ratio in the atmosphere is now screwed up. our planet needs just the right amount of co2 about the atmosphere to lock in heat and help the inhabitants of the planet survive the night, without it, we’d all day when nighttime comes. However, due to the using fossil – based power, the amount of co2 content about the atmosphere became imbalance, higher than what it normally needs; therefore, trapping in more heat than is required. It’s resulted to the increase on the global temperature along with a slight increase would mean disaster. Things are balanced that’s the reason if you shake that balance a bit, relentless chaos takes place. That is mainly the reason why people nowadays are switching with other alternative sources.

These alternative energy sources would be the exact complete opposite of the standard power source except for the truth that additionally, it produces energy. The difference is the fact that it produces it without emitting or releasing dangerous and harmful byproducts like carbon dioxide and other harmful stuff on the environment. Of all the renewable power sources that are currently in use today, probably the most favorable and many utilized is solar energy. It is energy harnessed from the sun through the use of solar cells. Now these solar power panels are actually improved and upgraded to create a a lot more efficient batch of solar energy devices to meet the various needs of people. For example, the solar power windows. These are normal windows that you simply install on buildings and other establishments. It might look like an ordinary window but in reality, they’re actually solar power panels. Suppose?

However, these glass panels aren’t as efficient as the traditional home solar power that we used to know but it is less expensive. This would give ordinary residents and other people who can’t afford to buy solar power panels a chance to make use of an alternative power source that isn’t only neat and renewable, it is also free. These glass solar power panels seem like ordinary glass, it also could be tinted as an ordinary glass, also it functions also like ordinary windows. Imagine a large number of these installed on the 30 storey high building. It might definitely save a lot of energy. You might keep clean and maintain it like ordinary glass, wipe it with a soft cloth and a glass cleaner without worrying about ruining it.

So if you’ve now learned that you have no excuse. Everyone has now an option to visit green and eco – friendly. Use solar energy.

Solar Power Yard Lights – A Type Of Yard Lighting Device Which Is Incredibly Convenient And Econimic To Use

In today’s environmental situation, everyone will need to take heed towards the call of those that care much for future years from the planet. They all are pointing towards an alternative solution that would reduce the decomposition from the planet, otherwise save it, due to the constant emission of pollutants coming from many different sources. And probably the biggest producer of pollutants, next to man himself, is fossil – based power sources. It is the most efficient provider of one’s and fuel too. It is unmatched when it comes to effectiveness in the function.

However, as it is a benefit when it comes to efficiency, it’s also a very huge disadvantage and it is regarded as the bane from the planet as it produces harmful byproduct like carbon gases and the likes. These carbon gases disrupt the total amount in the atmosphere. The planet needs the perfect quantity of carbon gases to trap in heat to ensure that we could survive the night time. However, the excess carbon dioxide on the atmosphere intensifies heat that’s trapped. It is already far more than enough when compared with the necessary heat our planet needs, thus, creating a surge in global temperature. If you wish to begin to see the effect of rising global temperature, look around you, consider the different countries and that would be enough to explain its horrible effects.

This is actually the primary reason why manufacturers are working non – pause and research and find ways to replace all of the technology and equipments that utilizes traditional energy with one which uses energy from alternative sources. Sources that is renewable and clean. An example of this different power source is solar energy. The sun’s heat is gathered by utilizing pv cells or solar panels and then converted to electricity to power electronic devices. A good example of this device is the solar powered lights. These are lights that are either pushed on the floor or hung on posts. This type of yard lighting device is extremely convenient and economic to use. Why? First, it doesn’t use electricity but instead, it uses solar power. It has solar power panels integrated to it and heat it is then stored on an onboard battery for use on evenings. And because it uses solar energy, there isn’t any wiring, which means you could virtually put it anywhere you like. And since it uses solar power, it doesn’t add up to your electric bill each month, it uses free energy. Most of these solar powered lights also provide automatic light sensors. Which means that you never need to switch them on in the evening and turn them off at morning because it would detect light and would turn on and off itself. Pretty simple to use. Also, if you want to transfer location, it is simple to take it along with you since there are no wirings involved. It allows you to save a lot especially in terms of regular bills. So if you really worry about environmental surroundings, acquire one now.

Main Photovoltaic Panel Parts

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One of the reasons that constructing your own photovoltaic panels has become so popular is that there are really very few parts involved. A regular solar panel consists of just a few basic parts, namely an enclosure, photovoltaic (pv), a substrate and wiring. Here’s a summary of what’s involved.

Solar panel case or enclosure
This is what most people see when they think of a solar panel. It’s the clear glass top, the frame and the backing that the photovoltaic cells are mounted on. The case can be hefty enough to need a custom built metal rack for mounting on a rooftop, or small enough to be a plastic box that can be placed almost invisibly near an outdoor floodlight. It needs to be resistant to ultra violet (UV) rays so that it doesn’t deteriorate with relentless exposure to sunlight. And the glass (usually Plexiglas) needs to be durable enough to withstand harsh weather, including hail and wind storms that could crash tree branches and other debris into it.

This is the piece of wood, peg board or other material that the solar cells are mounted on within of the enclosure. It too needs to be UV-resistant to survive prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Solar cells
The solar cells are comparable to the silicon chips that power most computers. They combine the silicon, metals and other materials in a way that captures direct sunlight and converts it into electricity. The electricity can either be instantly used by direct current devices (DC) like LED lights, or stored in DC batteries and transformed into alternating current (AC) to power conventional appliances like refrigerators, TVs and other electrical equipment in homes and businesses.

Tabbed and untabbed pv (photovoltaic cells
When building your own pv (photovoltaic) panels, you can save money by purchasing untabbed solar cells and soldering the tabs on top of the cells yourself. This can be a good choice if you have more time than money, but it’s a tedious job. You can save time by buying tabbed solar cells which will cut your soldering time by one-half to two-thirds.

Pv (photovoltaic) cell wiring
As soon as the solar cells are mounted on the substrate, they are wired to each other in a series so that they can generate electricity. Copper wire is added to connect the solar cells to storage batteries for using the electricity later, or to connect directly to the device that the solar panel is powering like an attic fan or a solar powered toy.

Blocking diode

The blocking diode is a little component that prevents electricity that is stored in a battery from draining backward into the pv (photovoltaic) panel. Bigger photovoltaic systems use a charge controller for the same effect.

Plug-in Hybrids: Renewable Energy Solution of the Month

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Must You Construct Your Own Solar Swimming Pool Heater?

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Building your own solar swimming pool heater is a fantastic do-it-yourself project if you want to add solar to your house.  You will not need to buy a lot of high-priced equipment or tools.  And you will not need highly specialized skills.  Here is a fundamental explanation of the process and benefits so you can decide if you want to tackle it.

The project payback time can be as short as 2 years in terms of energy savings.  This is because you will be saving the cost of gas to heat your pool.  And the cost of materials for building a solar pool heater is lower than with most other solar projects. You will also be saving the cost of installation if you decide to go ahead and do that yourself.

You will need to buy only a few simple components: solar collectors, piping, a controller and a diverter valve.  You will not need to build or buy a storage container, since your pool already stores the water.  And you will not need to get, build or install a circulating pump, since your solar pool heater will use your pool’s circulating pump.

Here’s a straightforward explanation of how the system works.  The water from the pool gets pumped into the solar collector, gets heated by the sun and gets pumped back into the pool. This is called an open loop design.  The controller allows you to select the warmest temperature you want the pool to reach.  And the diverter valve either sends water back to the pool if it is already warm enough, or over to the collector to be heated as required.  

The solar collector is a simple system of black polypropylene UV-resistant tubing.  The choice of materials is important so that the tubing doesn’t break down from exposure to the sun or from exposure from the chlorine in the pool.  The suitable materials will last up to 20 years.

Although it is attractive to think of doing it all yourself, including making the solar collector, it is really easier and more cost effective to purchase ready made collectors for your project.  The reason is that adhesives will not stick to polypropylene, and the equipment you would need to thermal weld it would cost more than buying the ready-made collectors.  What’s more, experts advise against using a cheaper rubber or plastic tubing that will break down too quickly because of exposure to the sun and chlorine.

If you decide that you really want to install your solar pool heating system yourself, the easiest method is to buy a kit.  You will still need to design measure and install your system.  And you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your efforts for years afterwards.

How Efficient Are Solar Hot Water Systems?

Solar hot water heating systems are fairly simple to install, simple to maintain and the most cost effective way to introduce your home to solar energy. They can save significant energy and cost when they replace an electric hot water heater. And they can be successfully used even if you live in a climate where freezing temperatures are common during the winter.

If you live in a climate that does not have sub-zero temperatures, and your household consists of fewer than five people, you can install a batch heater. This is the least expensive solar water heating option, and it is relatively easy to build if you have the inclination to do-it-yourself. It is simply a water storage tank that also serves as the solar collector.

The tank is enclosed in a glass-covered box that is positioned to allow maximum exposure to the sun. The water in the tank heats up and hot water is accessible for use. However, it is not the most efficient system, since it takes longer to warm up an entire tank of water than to heat a flat panel solar collector. And as the tank cools at night, there is less hot water available for use.

There are two better systems that can be used even in freezing climates. The direct pump system circulates water between a solar collector and a storage cistern. With this design, water in the solar collector can heat up quicker, and the tank can be insulated for better temperature holding capacity. The pump can be designed to run on electricity from a photovoltaic cell if you desire to keep your system completely solar powered.

A thermosiphon system also uses a separate solar collector, along with the pull of gravity. And it allows for the use of an insulated storage reservoir for more consistent hot water delivery. When using either of these systems in cold climates where freezing is an issue, both the piping and the storage tank should be placed indoors and properly insulated to provide hot water even on the coldest days.

For more information regarding solar technology and how you can utilize solar power in your home or business, please visit and

Look for our other posts. We are dedicated to providing information about solar power. Without using solar power as an alternative energy source, we are destined to completely wipe the world clean of natural resources. When we use renewable energy, we all win.

From one of our articles that can be found on our blog:

“A solar panel design has a specific set-up needed to make it work efficiently. The design has been refined over the years. Solar panels started out as very cumbersome pieces of technology. Today, these panels can be used in something as small as a calculator. When deciding on the placement of panels for home use. It’s helpful to know exactly what you need to get an entire solar energy system hooked up and running smoothly.”

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Solar Attic Fans Are Easy Do It Yourself Projects

Are you looking for a quick and uncomplicated solar energy project for your house that you can do by yourself?  Putting in a solar attic fan may be just the ticket.  Not only is it rather easy to do, but it will keep your residence cooler through hot summer days and nights.

You may not have even realized how much a hot attic contributes to your air conditioning bills.  Attics trap and hold all of the hot air that rises in your house.  This is good in the winter, but it can prevent your house from cooling off in the summer.

Attic temperatures can easily rise above 120 degrees Fahrenheit even when outside temperatures are only in the eighties or nineties.  Most building codes require attics to be vented, but these vents are simply not designed to cool off the entire attic.  And a roof that has no shade gets sun for most of the day.

Installing a usual attic fan would require a licensed electrician because it would need to be connected to a power source in order to operate.  But solar attic fans are constructed with built-in pv modules powerful enough to run the fans.  Not only are they quieter than electric attic fans, but they require no electricity to run since they are installed on the roof and receive direct sunlight.  

If you are handy with a saw, drill and screwdriver, and self-confident enough to cut a hole in your roof, you can install a solar attic fan in a couple of hours.  You will have to to locate a place on your roof that receives sunlight the whole day, is close by the peak and also near the middle of the attic space.  You will be cutting a hole through the composition shingles and roof decking that will accommodate the size or your solar fan.

The trickiest and most vital part will be finding the optimal location and cutting the hole the proper size for the fan.  A location that faces south will receive the most sunlight.  If that is not viable, you can consider buying a model that has a solar module that can be tilted and positioned to face south.  

Once the hole has been cut, it is only a matter of securing the solar attic fan to the roof, and caulking around the fan to waterproof your installation.  You will be able to immediately feel the cooling effects in your attic.  And you will be able to have a more comfortable house and lower cooling bills throughout the summer.

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What Classes Of Solar Hot Water Heating Products Can Be Utilized In Frozen Regions?

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Solar hot water heating systems are a basically simple design.  Solar collectors warm up water during the day, which is stored in an insulated container to keep it warm for ongoing use.  But icy temperatures can bring this kind of system to a standstill.  But new and improved methods have been developed that allow solar hot water systems to operate effectively even in cold climates.  Here is a basic depiction of how they work.

After a few decades of testing with solar hot water systems, most qualified users have decided that the closed loop design is the most successful for climates with freezing temperatures.   Because oxygen is eliminated from the system, pumps will not corrode and will have a greater lifespan, saving you time and money for upkeep and replacement parts.

The system is filled with an antifreeze blend (propylene glycol) at the time it is installed.  It then circulates between the solar collectors (where it is heated by the sun all through the day) and the storage tanks, which provide heat during the day and night.  There are several smaller components that allow the antifreeze to expand and contract, and which inhibit too much pressure from building up in the system, among other things.  But the solar collectors, the pump and the tank with heat exchanger are the central components.

Drainback systems are so named because the solar collectors drain when they are not being used.  Due to this, you can utilize either water or antifreeze in the system.  But for maximum assurance that the system will not freeze, people regularly choose to use antifreeze as an extra precaution, principally in regions that frequently experience temperatures below zero.  

A thermosiphon system also uses a detached solar collector, along with the pull of gravity. And it allows for the use of an insulated storage tank for more dependable hot water delivery. When using either of these systems in cold regions where freezing is an issue, both the piping and the storage tank should be placed indoors and suitably insulated to provide hot water even on the coldest days.

Even though the collectors drain when not in use, they drainback system is still a closed loop system. It needs a strong pump in order to return the drained liquid to the solar collector as soon as it has been drained.  But it is a first-rate choice for a homeowner who wants a solar heating system that is painless to maintain.

Solar hot water heating systems are relatively simple to install, easy to maintain and the most cost effective way to introduce your home to solar energy.  They can save considerable energy and cost when they replace an electric hot water heater.  And they can be successfully used even if you live in a climate where freezing temperatures are common during the winter.

Using The Suns Fuel To Warmth Pools And Homes Around The Globe

The sun can provide us by way of huge amounts of useable fuel from heat to power. There are two main reasons why we should use solar fuel to heat our homes, company in addition to even swimming pools. Firstly, the price of energy is constantly mounting. For many people, heating now is a luxury as they find it hard to afford to heat their homes as they once did. Therefore this makes it particularly hard to warmth a non-essential space such as a swimming pool. Many people are also no concerned over the impact of using fossil fuels on the natural world. The emissions generated from using fossil fuels are now known to cause carbon emissions, which raise the global temperature.

Learn more about Solar Heating For Pools

So its clear we necessitate to move away from using fossil fuels such as oil plus gas to warmth our homes along with pools, however how else can we source warmth in a low carbon and ‘green’ fashion. Well, solar fuel maybe highly promoted as a way to generate electricity with solar cells, however it is much better to capture solar fuel for thermal uses, such as heating pools. There are a variety of solar air heater designs, however a more appropriate solution for heating swimming pools is the solar water heater. A solar water heater, if built correctly can generate huge amounts of warmth. By means of a little bit of knowledge, its amazing how uncomplicated it is to be able to build your own solar water heater from dwelling. A solar water heater for your pool could be assembled for only a few hundred dollars along with will give you free warmth pretty much all year round by way of little or no maintenance as well as running costs at all. On the net there are a mixture of videos of home owners who have built their own solar water heaters, such as the one below.

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The parts needed to build a solar water heater for pools is actually very limited. The main component is the hot water vessel which is where the solar thermal energy will be captured into the water to heat the pool. You could find suitable water storage vessels from most DIY or hardware stores. If a black tank cannot be sourced, it must be painted black. Much more solar fuel will be captured into a black water storage vessel. Once you have your tank. You require to build an enclosure to abode the tank that will let in solar fuel plus enlarge the heat of the tank and the water. Making your own solar water heater for your pool can be very rewarding as well as save you a lot on buying.

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Capturing Solar Energy For Heat As Well As Energy For Only A Few Hundred Dollars

The sun, its crucial for all life on earth, and it will now have to play a more prominent role in providing the fuel to power as well as heat our modern lifestyles. As a modern society we have depended too heavily on using fossil fuels to provide by means of the heat along with power we need. Fossil fuels are simply not sustainable. We now are seeing the repercussions from this by rapidly inflating prices along with resource problems. Also, the concerns for the natural world due to the use of fossil fuels grows everyday. Heating your pool for example is obviously a none essential, along with heating by fossil fuels are was the norm is now not morally or financially viable. On the other hand, many people see their pool as a crucial part of their habits. The pool is a well-liked way to relax and carry out light exercise, along with entertain along with hold parties. A cold pool is not an inviting space, and does hold back the potential of the pool. Therefore some heating is required. On the other hand, without using a oil or gas heater how can we get enough heat into the pool. The answer is by way of solar heater due to using a solar water heater, while will generate heat in the pool all year.

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Through using a solar water heater to get warmth into your swimming pool can do two things. It can provide a free source of heat as well as it can also help to save the natural world, removing the require to use oil or gas heaters. The important thing to remember about heating a swimming pool is the volume of water which needs to be heated. If you set up perspective how long a kettle takes to heat water as well as the amount of energy it uses, you can start to understand the amount of fuel required to heat an entire swimming pool, by way of even only a few degrees. To increase the heat of the pool plus keep it there requires a fairly constant resource of warmth. This is what pool solar heating can provide each along with every day, even in mild climates. This means solar water heaters can amplify the temperature of the pool along with keep it there for when ever you use the pool the heat will be a nice ambient warm.

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On the other hand the source of fuel maybe free, to produce solar energy as appealing as possible, the way we capture it must also be low price. It is possible to build a solar water heater for as little as $200. It can even be constructed from reclaimed materials. One of the easiest along with cheapest designs to manufacture is the passive solar water heater. This design is also of of the most efficient and reliable. Also, its the prefect design of solar water heater to be used to warmth your pool. The video below is of an case which can easily be constructed by way of anyone in addition to generate free warmth all year.

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