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Ecoholic: Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products And Services-by Adria Vasil

There are many types of addiction among individuals, harmless and harmful – chocoholics, alcoholics, shopaholics and workaholics, to name the more popular.  However, you have probably not heard of the most beneficial addiction of all – the ecoholic, of which Adria Vasil is proud to be one. 

Simply put, the ecoholic is somebody who is addicted to the planet Earth.  Adria Vasil’s “Ecoholic: Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products, and Services”, which is a comprehensive compendium of Vasil’s knowledge acquired through 5 years of writing for Canada’s NOW Magazine in her “Ecoholic” column, is probably the best guidebook on becoming one.

When you read the book, you will observe that the language used is no-nonsense, direct and practical with just the right kind of edge and entertainment to it.  You will want to refer to it to answer your pressing questions about eco-friendly choices but once you do get your answers, you will want to know more and so far, it has yet to disappoint.

There are many examples of everyday products that Vasil exposes for their dangers to the environment, the dangers to the people behind the manufacture of the product especially on children, and the dangers to the health of the individuals using the product.  It will really make you thick twice before pulling something off the supermarket shelves.

Take for example the ubiquitous coffee.  People from all over the world love their coffee.  In fact, it is the second most traded commodity in the world after crude oil.  It is supposed to be guilt-free especially when you take it without the embellishments of whipped cream and milk.

However, did you know that coffee is founded on virtual slave labor where millions of families spend long hours to maintain coffee fields and yet they earn so little it will take 3 days of hard work before the cheapest Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is well within their budget?  That’s why the Global Exchange has dubbed coffee plantations as sweatshop in the fields.  Does your espresso still taste good? Probably the same but not quite as satisfying.

And then there is chocolate.  Its effect on environment starting with cultivation is ugly, to say the least.  Rainforests are felled, wild habitats are destroyed and incidences of soil erosion increased, all for the love of chocolate.  Plus, there is also the fact that the modern-day version of slavery is used to cultivate the popular cash crop.

You will probably be asking yourself just what are you supposed to eat and use after reading through a dissection of virtually every food group and everyday items known to city person.  Well, no worries on that area as Vasil provides for practical eco-friendly options, be it from the privacy of your bathroom to camping outdoors.

Upon reading this book, you will realize that, indeed, there are plenty of things we can do to become an ecoholic.  You will be provided with practical advice and logical reasoning behind the advice, which is a God-send for those who want to start being eco-friendly but have little to no idea where to start.

So, the next time you are in a bookstore, do make a beeline for Vasil’s guide to becoming an ecoholic.  It will be one of the best decisions you will make in protecting the most important heritance you can give your children and children’s children.

Internet Marketing Along With Really Simply Syndication Feeds – Creating A Direct Connection To Your Shoppers

What’s an RSS or Atom feed?

Due towards the overwhelming amount of spam about the world-wide-web, several users are turning from standard newsletter subscriptions to Feed feeds to have their data. Feed is Really Simple Syndication. Besides connecting you directly to your consumers, feeds are advantageous for various factors:

They update automatically. Anytime you publish a new write-up or website, your visitors obtain it with no effort on their component, or yours.

In contrast to an email campaign, they don’t force you to contend with costly black lists and spam filters.

They’re a 100% opt-in marketing tool. Your documents are transmitted inside a mark-up language that needs your subscribers to download a reader, like Bloglines or FeedDemon, to translate them. So all your subscribers really want the data you’re providing.

Exactly where Is This Going?—The Future of Rss

Bill Flitter, founder of Rss analytics engine, suggests, from the near future, feeds will turn into considerably simpler and a lot more user-friendly. Says Flitter, “Once Feed becomes a tiny bit less difficult, I feel we’ll see a huge surge in its use.” Firefox and Safari are currently RSS-enabled, and Net Explorer and Outlook will likely be soon.

Anticipate to determine individualized Rss feeds gain popularity—customized feeds in which a user can decide on what sort of written content comes by means of to them. Flitter projects, “I imagine we’ll see…individual subscriptions increase so you possibly can send hard cash hijack data that’s more applicable to that end user… like Tivo for that web.”

One more most likely change is that news viewers will let you to customize the look of your feed, instead of translating each and every one particular alike. You will be ready to brand your feed, change its style, and differentiate it from just about every other feed so your clients can recognize it very easily.

How Can I Use Rss for My EBiz?

Use feeds to send newsletters, product promos, blogs, and specific offers. You are able to create your content material employing any blog platform—Type Pad, Word Press, Movable Type. They all generate Rss feeds—your only job is deciding on the content material. The crucial hard cash hijack review point is always to keep your information fresh and appropriate in your audience, mainly because with 1 click they can unsubscribe. Attempt to balance generating sales with sharing interesting info and beneficial suggestions.

Shortcut to helpful information about the topic of traffic to website – make sure to go through this webpage. The time has come when concise info is really only one click away, use this possibility.

New Dust Control Operation Established In Ecuador Supports Environment As Well As Fighting Global Warming

Austin, Texas, 02/24/10 – Soils Control International establishes front lines for environmental advancement in Ecuador. SCI is going to be delivering dust suppression, soil stabilization and erosion control for the advancing country.

Soils Control International (SCI) has recently established a distribution point in Ecuador to offer Dust Control to the country and surrounding areas. The need for dust control regarding the environment are well studied and determined to be of upmost importance when coping with dirt and gravel type roads. It’s the intention of SCI to assist emerging countries to manage their resources and also their finances by offering a product that not only supports the environment but in addition, their pocket book.

Soils Control International have been in the dust control and soil stabilization business for nearly 1 / 4 of a century. The majority of these operations are with governments of third world countries attempting to make lives better for their citizens. SCI has developed a dust control and soil stabilization product which has revolutionized the industry. There is no longer that need to use hazardous materials such as waste oil and industrial byproducts. SCI’s Main dust control product is Labeled Top-Seal™ Liquid Soil Stabilizer and Sealant. It is one of the only road dust control products available on the market that has been acknowledged as environmentally save and extremely effective with the stabilization of soils as well as the control of dust.

“These are exciting times in Ecuador with so many Americans moving into country there are lots of new developments being built along with demand for the rebuilding many of the natural roads inside the country.” said Kurt Tompkins, Assistant Director of Field Operations, “Our company is involved here to help many individuals find a better life in Ecuador, the citizens of this country are going to be significantly better off when the roads are in better shape due to our soil stabilization products and the cost of constructing homes is reduced from the introduction of our village Builder™.”

Dust control in the past has relied on the usage of water and waste materials form industries that have not had outlets for their byproducts. Many businesses in the soil stabilization industry are fly by night operations that are more fluff than anything else. SCI has proven, in application and rigorous testing, that Top-Seal™ is not only one of the best soils management products, but one of the most cost effective as well. You must recognize that dust suppression and the management of fugitive dust producing roads is highly relevant to the effects of global warming. It has been proven that the absorption rate and level of radiation from paved roads is much higher than that of stabilized dirt roads. It is also well know that the erosion from unprotected roads will eventually end up in the drinking water, thus showing once again the importance of managing dirt and gravel roads. The use of dust control and soil stabilization in developing countries will assist not just the ability commute, but additionally the ability to stay healthy.

Over the following couple of years SCI will probably be concentrating on expanding its operations in the Central and South American countries. SCI will not only be presenting its dust control and soil stabilization product Top-Seal™, but the Village Builder®, which is a conveyable brick making machine that utilizes the properties of Block Seal™, our proprietary liquid earth block sealer and stabilizer.

Contact Info: Kurt Tompkins Soils Control International 01-254-526-5550

Fetch helpful things to know about soil stabilization – study this page. The times have come when concise info is truly within your reach, use this chance.

Search Engines Readers Permits You To Stick On Top Of Change

Yahoo and google is often a leader in net technology and famous for providing products that makes the expertise for people superior. Just lately Google released a fresh Target audience update that takes the Search engines Target audience application from the easy RSS feed audience to some super software which will enable you to stick on top of changes on all of your favorite sites even if they do not have an RSS feed.

Not each site proprietor is on board with RSS feeds. That doesn’t make their website ineffective, nonetheless it useful to make it significantly a lot more tough to stay present with what was happening on the internet site without having a feed. Which could make your job tougher if you use RSS feeds to remain up with fads for your enterprise requirements. With all the The search engines Audience update, the days of acquiring to manually go to sites not having feeds over a regular foundation to examine in on modifications are over.

Incredible Probable for Net Online marketers

Whilst the update is pretty new, it has many potential. You can develop your own feeds to enjoy the web sites you follow that do not have feeds. You also may possibly be able to comply with your SERPs in actual time, as well with this unique technology. You can find a lot of options for this new Readers layout for being utilized to gain online internet marketers.

While using acknowledged applications for the current version of Google Target audience, you are able to follow trends additional effortlessly. You are equipped to really follow the articles with a web site verses as a result of a weblog, so there is certainly the ability to catch tendencies sooner. It indicates a whole lot when you are wanting to stay in on major inside advertising game. We all realize that world wide web marketing and advertising is all about staying existing and currently being right up about the latest styles. If you employ the Readers to assist you to do that then you certainly will find it can make your employment significantly less difficult.

Get It Now Prior to It can be As well Late

The The search engines Reader is often a top software for net internet marketers. Google goods are trusted and popular. They may be also quickly accessible. It will eventually take no time at all for net online marketers to commence talking about the changes in Audience and to start telling others about how the Target audience is assisting them with their marketing efforts.

As soon as the phrase receives out about how useful the current Readers is, all people will likely be employing it. Whilst that’s good that so many individuals will obtain the perks with the Readers, it also indicates that those perks will probably be less important. With all people applying the Reader, all people are going to be over developments and in a position to track, monitor and move quicker than ahead of. The edge is going to be gone. So, for you to truly find the most out from the up to date Readers, you have to get in on it now.

Get you Audience current and begin applying it to enable you to become a leading online marketer. You will get all of the great positive aspects ahead of the crowd. Being a single step ahead is constantly an excellent factor with regards to web company.

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Really Simply Syndication As Well As The Ten Most Strong Causes Why You Should Be Utilizing It

RSS(Genuine Basic Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is widely becoming a Extremely effective marketing tool for the NET and for Online marketers all over the world, the question is…

… “Are you utilizing RSS to syndicate your content?”

When I very first stumbled across RSS syndication whilst surfing the net, it piqued my curiosity towards point where by I couldn’t aid myself, but, to look into this new form of website promotion further.

What I found out about this new technologies will absolutely alter the way you preserve in touch with your subscribers and/or readers, in numerous ways, for years to come.

Just to retain up using the times I lately built a webpage for my web page specifically to promote my RSS feed in order to consider on new subscribers, and… most essential of all, to put this new technology towards test.

Here’s what my webpage looks like in case you make a decision to build your special dedicated webpage for your RSS feed. I very suggest you do, but, that’s just me.

If you ever do make a decision to create one, make sure you give your subscribers and/or audience options.

Now, for individuals of you who aren’t fairly up to speed on what RSS is, here’s a fast definition for you personally:

RSS is an acronym for “Really Basic Syndication” or “Rich Web site Summary”, and also the XML extension will be the format utilised for distributing your news headlines by means of the Web, which is acknowledged as Syndication.

Syndication is wherever the Genuine strength of RSS is unleashed, obtaining your information across the web in an Fast to your subscribers and/or audience.

That’s the basics of RSS(Genuine Straightforward Syndication).

Now, for the rest of this post I would like to focus about the “10 MOST Powerful Explanations WHY You Should Be Making use of It”.

So, with that mentioned, let’s go to motive #1.

Reason #1. RSS Streamlines communication.

RSS streamlines conversation between the publishers and viewers creating it easier to the subscriber to receive your information.

Reason #2. Viewers can Opt-In to feeds.

RSS presents the subscriber the ability to Opt-In for the feeds they are interested in and the potential to Opt-Out if they wish by way of there RSS reader just like an auto-responder.

Cause #3. You tend not to have to keep an RSS give food to.

That is a good time saver to the busy marketer simply because RSS is usually a wonderful communication supplement that doesn’t burden the publisher with obtaining to retain a “List” or getting to follow strict privacy rules.

Motive #4. You might have the ability to Syndicate your information.

It is exactly where the Correct energy of RSS comes into play simply because RSS gives you the ability to Syndicate your content for a subscribers and site owners in an Instant giving your material the exposure it deserves.

Explanation #5. Broadcasts your Income and Specials.

RSS gives you the ability to broadcast your Sales information and Specials to a wider audience in a lesser amount of time it would take to set-up an electronic mail broadcast.

Cause #6. No filters to fret about.

This could be the next greatest feature to RSS feeds because you tend not to have got to worry about your message being passed via some electronic mail filter.

By making use of RSS, your information gets delivered to 100% of your subscribers.

This really is a quite effective element.

Explanation #7. No additional “Spam” complaints.

This can be yet yet another fantastic benefit to RSS because you never have got to feel concerned about “Spam” complaints or “Privacy Policies” again due to the fact they have to add your feed to there reader, not the other way all around with email.

Motive #8. You get Fast credibility.

By publishing your own RSS give food to your establishing yourself as an expert inside the eyes of your viewers as an individual who knows his/her business which will construct “Trust”.

Cause #9. Numerous techniques to read your give food to.

RSS is quite versatile mainly because it makes it possible for you to view the give food to in several several media platforms.

Some examples are, Browser Centered readers, Software Based audience, and the capacity to view feeds on different operating systems like windows and mac.

Purpose #10. Free of charge and Painless site promotion.

I like to conserve the most effective for last due to the fact RSS can be a excellent way to acquire free visitors to your website without having the require of spending cash on advertising.

This gain alone will conserve you hundreds, if not, thousands in marketing expenses a year in costs to advertise your on the internet small business.

Properly… are individuals adequate motives to suit your needs to get started with RSS?

I definitely hope so due to the fact they certain get me excited everytime I examine by way of them.

Just imagine for a minute your same rapid mass traffic message you worked so hard on that you were going to send by means of e-mail having to 100% of your subscribers INSTANTLY — On-Demand — via your special RSS feed not having ever getting to fret about email filters.

Your response rates would Double, if not, Triple, meaning More $$Profits$$ in your pocket with a smaller amount work.

World wide web technology at its Finest.

As I mentioned early in my write-up, the best strategy to consider benefit of RSS… Beginning These days! … is always to set-up your individual dedicated RSS webpage on your site.

In case you usually do not have time to set-up your own webpage I propose you set-up an account with -after which head more than to – and set-up an account there. will auto-generate you a RSS subscription page with whatever RSS feed URL you pick out.

Properly… there you could have it, “RSS… And also the 10 MOST Strong Factors WHY You Should Be Applying It” and extra.

In conclusion, publishers applying Rapid Mass Traffic RSS as a conversation vehicle for their enterprise are capable to develop keyword-rich, themed content, establishing Believe in, Credibility, and ongoing connection with existing and prospective subscribers and/or customers not having the get worried of e mail filters having in the way and GUARANTEE’s 100% delivery.

Find out helpful advice in the sphere of traffic to website – go through this page. The times have come when proper info is truly at your fingertips, use this opportunity.

Microsoft unveils energy management software


Google has been releasing information on their smart meter management software called PowerMeter little by little, but we’ve yet to see a fully-completed product.  Microsoft is hoping to steal some of their thunder by releasing a beta version of their energy management software, Hohm, this week and, at least appearance-wise, it has Google beat.

The web-based software allows users to monitor and control their energy use by logging into the Hohm website with their Windows Live ID and zip code.  Based on that information, the software makes estimates of their home energy use and allows the user to enter specific information by answering any or all of 180 questions, with each answer making the numbers more accurate.

So far the software is only available for use by a few utilities – Xcel Energy, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Seattle City Light and Puget Sound Energy – with more in line to start using it soon.  If you happen to live in one of the areas serviced by the list above, your energy use information will be even more comprehensive with historical data available from the utility.

The software will be smart meter-compatible as soon as any of its utility partners begin using them.

Eventually, the software will be used in connection with electric vehicle charging and grid demand management, but those more deluxe features will likely come with a price.  Microsoft has made clear that this software is a product like any other they’ve created and as it’s further developed, cost will start being a factor.  For now, at least while it’s in beta, the energy management tool is free.

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Would you pay $175 to save the climate?


(Photo: Jaap Hart / iStockPhoto)

The questions about global warming keep evolving. In the Bush years, we were stuck on Is it real? (yes). The Obama administration has moved the question to What are we going to do about it? which has all but been answered (a cap-and-trade regulation on major polluters).

So recently, the question has become: How much will it cost?

This debate has sprung largely from a Republican misreading (why not be generous?) of an MIT study that led pundits and politicians to cry about the perils of a new energy tax that might cost American households $3,100 every year. (Though that claim has been thoroughly debunked, I seem to hear it every other Saturday in the Republican response to President Obama’s weekly address.)

The author of the MIT study puts the cost at $800, while the conservative Heritage Foundation estimated the annual cost at $1,500 and the Environmental Protection Agency estimated the cost at just $140 or lower.

Hence, the debate.

Politics being what it is, don’t expect the debate to stop just because a nonpartisan, highly trusted organization has released the definitive study. But it has.

The Congressional Budget Office has examined the costs — and rebates — being engineered into the Congressional climate solution. The result: The average household will pay about $175 a year. The richest among us will pay more, about $245, and the poorest will get rebates enough to make $40 in the bargain.

As the Washington Post puts it: The costs would result from higher prices for carbon-based fuels, offset by a complex series of tax breaks and free allowances, new technologies and behavioral changes, and impacts on corporations and their profits.

Soon enough the question being asked should change again: Are you willing to pay $175 to preserve the climate?

It might mean you pay a little more for a car or a refrigerator, for instance — as a new report makes plain the recognition that carbon dioxide and other well-known greenhouse gases aren’t the only problem. Refrigerants known as HFCs — the hydrofluorocarbons that replaced the CFCs we banned to save the ozone layer — are a growing concern.

It might mean your electricity bill is higher (which may or may not prompt you to conserve more energy to keep your monthly costs flat). It might mean that consumer goods in general cost a little more, as the cost of doing business increases. If you work in some industries, it might mean a threat to your job; if you work in others, it might mean a hiring bonanza.

So the question is: Is that level of sacrifice worth it in order to preserve a climate that has supported life as we know it?

Already, the rate of warming is speeding up beyond earlier predictions (by 2100, it will be twice as warm, globally, as previously predicted, according to one well-regarded analysis). Already, the Arctic is melting, threatening the lives of wildlife like polar bears and walruses. Already, glaciers are melting.

These are remote, leading edge indicators of the changes that are in store in real time, and in moderate latitudes. Drought, floods, strong storms, heat waves, new diseases (both for humans, and for animals and crops), increased wildfire intensity and frequency, and a host of other ills are already showing up in the U.S. and will only grow more intense with time.

So is it worth $175 a year to avert the worst?


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Price of printing extra pages


How many times have you unintentionally printed out extra pages? You know, the pages that are essentially blank with maybe a line or two of meaningless text at the top. Turns out, these extra printed pages are more than just an annoyance. They also waste a staggering amount of money, not to mention paper and ink.

Consider this: An estimated 17% of the pages we print are waste. We’d save about $17.4 billion a year in office printing costs if we eliminated all that waste, according to American Forests.  It would also save between 20 and 30 million trees.

So, what can you do?

Print preview. Sure, it takes an extra minute, but it’s the easiest way for most of us to avoid printing extra pages. You’ll save money (on paper and ink) and time (recycling and disposing of wasted paper).

Print management tools. Business owners and consumers who need some extra help can use software to help cut down on printing costs. Here are a couple of options:

GreenPrint searches your document and highlights pages that are considered waste, allows you to remove text or images from previewed pages, and gives you the option to create a PDF file that you can save on your computer instead of (or in addition to) printing out. You can also keep tabs on how much money you save per printing job or over time.

There are three versions of the software, starting with a free one for consumers who use Windows. Consumers who have a Mac or want additional printing features will pay $29 for the Home Premium edition. And there’s another version for businesses.

FinePrint Software has three different products to help you delete unwanted pages, print multiple pages on one sheet, and more. Each product has different features, although there is some overlap, so you’ll have to decide what’s most important to you. Sign up for a free trial before laying out the $49.95 or $99.95.

Here are some super-easy ways to save money on printing:

Print on both sides of the paper. Set your printer to automatically print on both sides of a sheet of paper and you’ll reduce your paper use by about 10% or more. Check to see if your printer has a duplex printing option, and, if does, turn it on. Learn how to enable it.

Want to do more? Ask you office manager to set up duplexing for all the printers in your office. An added incentive: During a 5-week test of double-sided printing, Citigroup saved about $98,000.

Change paper margins. The standard margins in Microsoft Word are 1 inch at the top and 1 ¼ inches on the left and right, but most of us can get along just fine with smaller margins.

If you change the margins to 0.75 all around, you’ll use about 5% less paper, according to a study done by the Penn State State Green Destiny Council. Get directions for changing the margins in Word. And, of course, you’ll make an even greater impact if you could convince your office manager to do the same.


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Global warming impacts

Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and the increase of the ocean’s sea level. The polar ice caps are slowly melting due to the high temperature of the atmosphere. Global warming has a significant impact on our environments condition. Our everyday life is also greatly affected by this phenomenon. Countries all over the world are taking considerable measures to lessen the global warming impacts.

Global warming is putting animal and plant life under great risks. A couple of animal species have already become extinct due to this drastic change of the Earth’s climate. Examples of these extinct species are the golden toad and harlequin frog which used be found in Costa Rica. A lot more species of animals are under threat of extinction because their natural habitats are being wiped out because of the effect of global warming on our environment.

Ecosystems are seriously being affected by global warming. These ecological systems, such as coral reefs, may suffer severe changes that could ultimately be irreversible. One factor of global warming that is affecting the ecosystems is the melting of the glaciers in the Polar Regions. This would be a great loss to our environment. People who want to protect these ecosystems are generally helpless to stop this drastic change. If this changes goes on without proper actions being taken, global extinction will not be impossible in the distant future.

Seasons are also generally affected by global warming, because of the fast change in temperature. The lengths of our seasons may vary, which disrupts the livelihood of man and animals alike. Shorter winters and longer summers may be experienced with extreme temperature levels. Plant life is also disrupted by these unprecedented seasonal changes.

Heat waves across the globe are not uncommon because of the global warming impacts. People are gravely suffering from these conditions. Energy consumptions used for cooling purposes is at an all time high. The already dry places in Earth have become even drier and hotter. These extremes in the temperature has caused outbreaks in heat related sickness or diseases.

Significant research and studies are taken by the world’s governments to learn more about global warming. With more knowledge about this phenomenon, proper measures or actions can be taking in lessening or preventing the global warming impacts. People also need to be constantly educated on the facts of global warming and how it can be prevented. They must be aware about the causes of effects of global warming.

Global warming statistics

Global warming has been a hot subject in today’s environmental issues because of its effect on the climate, which drastically changed in the past years. Hot summers become hotter and cold winter has not been cooler. Global warming occurs when there is an average increase in the Earth’s temperature. Studies show that the earth is getting warmer by 1 degrees farenheit over the last 100 years. The climate and health effects of global warming in general has caused the subject to be an interesting study nowadays.

A government panel called Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its fourth assessment report on the climate change in 2007. This organization was estbalished by United Nations Environmental Programme and UN’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) since 1988. The panel is composed of members of the UN and WMO.

The fourth assessment report in 2007 showed that the the earth has indeed warmed since the 20th century and that this observation is unequivocal. It also concluded that the average increase in temprature was due to the greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere which keeps the earth’s surface warmer. Other observations include the earth atmospheric composition, the earth’s average temperature, conditions of the ocean and other changes in the climate.

Based on the report, one of the indications that the earth has warmed is that there was lesser cold night and winters. In fact, the years between 1995 and 2006 was the warmest year. An average temperature of 0.74 degrees Celsius has caused this warming effect and that a metropolitan area or what we call the urban heat island has not been counted to these effects. It has also been observed that 80% of the heat has been absorbed by the ocean which cause the change in the climate system. Furthermore, snow and glaciers in the north and south hemisphere have decreased in volume as well as the ice sheets in the arctic. This causes the rise on the sea level by about 3.1mm yearly since 1993 to 2003. However, anartic sea ice has not increase its sea level since there was no observed warming in that area. There was also increase in hurricane activities especially in North Atlantic although there was no specifications on how many hurricanes are expected but this increase is related to the rise in the temperature of the sea surface.

The observations from this report is somewhat subject to criticism due to some political issues.There are also scientific and non scientific arguments that can be derived from this. However, these are panels composed of scientists and authors that agree on issues related to climate change and has been a reliable source of review.

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