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For those who are not familiar with these plugins, we are using them to encourage visitors to our site to leave quality comments.

How does it work? Easy. Just leave a good quality comment and we will reward you with backlinks.
What do we class as a good quality comment?

1. Your comment should add value to the site,
2. Your comment should be added to the original post,
3. Please keep your comment on the topic of the post, and
4. Insert your name when posting a comment, not just your keywords.

For example – Greg @ Hoodia Gordonii. If you do not wish to use your real name (for whatever reason) use a pen name. If you do not leave your name, your comment will not be published.

As mentioned, it is fairly easy. Keep your comment within these guidelines and it will be approved, and you will be rewarded. If your comment does not meet these simple guidelines, it will go to the trash.