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Tissa Godavitarne Gone Mad With His Money Making Biz

Tissa Godavitarne, owner of Acme People Search, have been making a lot of decisions lately that may be deemed crazy if a regular businessman would really be focused on profitting from his very own business. In an attempt to upgrade the level of advertising of his business, Tissa initially offered the option of Pay-per-Call (PPCall) and TV advertising to his members. With this, he announced the opportunity to his members via webinar and forum that the PPCall and TV advertising will be available to members who will subscribe to Acme via annual membership. The monthly cost of membership in Acme is $29.95. Tissa is giving the annual membership at the price of $329.45, which is actually the cost of 11-month membership in his amazing money making biz.

Then, the Acme People Search members were up to a surprise. During the March 19, 2010 webinar, Tissa Godavitarne announced that in celebration with the second-year anniversary of Acme, he transformed those who are annually subscribed with Acme into LIFETIME memberships! He again emphasized that this is a one-time offer that expires midnight of March 31, 2010. So what is included in the Lifetime membership package that Tissa offered? It now includes PPCall, TV advertising, Radio advertising and offline advertising. Aside from that, lifetime members will now be shielded from fee adjustments that may occur during platform updates of Acme People Search.

Acme People Search members were elated with the best news that concided with the second year anniversary of Acme. Tissa never misses to amaze his members in improving his money making biz. It may looked crazy or mad but the benefits would really dazzle Acme members to the hilt. Tissa’s motto of ‘Paying it Forward’ never ceases to amaze both members and non-members alike. This just goes to show why Acme People Search continues to grow and improve its business outlook in 2010. He is looking at the long run of the business in offering these opportunity in advertising for Acme members. A benefit that in the long run will boost the business platform of Acme People Search.

Tissa Godavitarne, owner of Acme People Search, have been continuously improving the platform of his money making biz thru additional income streams, new training forums and a variety of advertising venue which now includes offline advertising in the form of television and radio ads including stickers and other offline advertising methods. The lifetime membership offer is much described as a crazy offer which is a no-brainer if you are to register for it. His Acme platform really serves its purpose of giving a single business to promote and earning from its 12 income streams outright. It would really be one of the best offer for a lifetime member to include online and offline advertisements and a shield from the fees in cases that there would be a need to upgrade the Acme platform.

Acme People Search have just recently concluded its Lifetime Membership offers. It also just had a triumphant campaign over the GVO BMW contest last February 2010 which is only waiting for formality from the GVO president, Joel Therien, to announce the winner officially. Acme members dominate both GVO and GDI boards which is a living proof why this business platform is very effective in promoting its 12 income streams.

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hurlb23 asked:

An art installation and DIY kit for turning urine into fertilizer.

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Planet Green

trixtownly asked:

Discovery Channel’s Planet Green show at SXSW with sustainable waves.

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G Word: South by Southwest

PlanetGreenTV asked:

Find out how this festival has become green. Watch more at…
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Electric Car – HumanCar ® On Planet Green G-Word. A human powered car

HumanCar asked:

G-Word crew was super cool and this is a great video explaining how the electricity is generated by HumanCar technology. Look out for the Imagine_PS and check out our site for more info.

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Battleground Earth Finale on Planet Green

PlanetGreenTV asked:

The challenge to go green or go home comes to a close as Tommy Lee and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges race to Los Angeles to perform on a star-studded bill at the Greek Theater. Battleground Earth: Ludacris Vs. Tommy Lee concludes with a star-studded concert this Sunday, October 12 at 9pm on Planet Green.

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Planet Green Commercial

PramodAinslie asked:

Wear less, heat less. Planet Green.

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G Word – Salvage Junkie Challenge

PlanetGreenTV asked:

Salvage Queen Evette Rios squares off against Design Junkie Tiffany Threadgould in a challenge to repurpose junkyard parts into eclectic pieces of furniture.

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Planet Green – Alter Eco Exclusive Sneak Peek

PlanetGreenTV asked:

Adrian Grenier, star of HBO’s hit series “Entourage”, is a real-life greenie who’s psyched to show audiences how they too can live the “green life”!

Using Adrian’s own house as a home base, the series will follow his outrageous “Green Team” of designers and lifestyle experts as they help both celebrities and ordinary folks learn the small steps they can take to transition their lives into green bliss.

Whether it’s surprising a family who wants to go green, going wine-tasting at an eco-friendly winery or hitting up the latest eco-resort, Adrian will show you how cool and easy it is to embrace a hip green lifestyle.

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DB2 Performance Management for a Smarter Planet GREEN IT World

dbivideo asked:

This video demonstrates energy power savings that are possible by properly tuning a database. If you are interested in improving business performance and productivity, while, at the same time, Optimizing IT Costs, deferring or avoiding hardware upgrades, and lowering energy costs in your data center, this short video demonstrates the ripple effect of performance benefits obtained by properly tuning an IBM DB2 LUW V9.5 database (as an example, similar performance and energy cost savings can be obtained by tuning Oracle databases). DBI provides DB2 and Oracle SQL Performance Analysis and Tuning tools that can help you improve performance, productivity, and your bottom line. Please visit to learn more.

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