Off-Grid Living with Renewable Energy

Life off the electricity grid, using renewable energy, with best selling author William “Bill” Kemp and his wife, living the good life with a low impact on the planet.

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  • xeikai says:

    Well, that sounds like a nice little accomplishment they have achieved. I dont quite think that life is for me though. They may be off the power grid but they have internet and a phone most likely. And i think the investment to start such a project would require quite a bit more money than most people have. I commend them though. Good job

  • dirtTdude says:

    this is living off grid and it’s great to see what’s possible but its not self sufficient living, to be self sufficient you need a large family or a small group of people and a great deal of effort.

  • johnny102marvin says:

    TRUE – To be self sufficient you have to have a garden, chickens, water well, root cellar, barn, farm animals, and so on….this requires a division of labor between many people and a lot of time.

  • johnny102marvin says:

    Cave dwellers will survive and city dwellers will die during a world wide catastrophe such as SOLAR MAXIMUM, Nuclear War, global panendemic, or other huge environmental changes.

  • unintentionalatheist says:

    not if your a vegetarian

  • johnny102marvin says:

    True….vegetarians would have a difficult time living in a world that has been turned upside down by a world wide catastrophe because food would be scarce, and you have to be willing to eat squirrels, doves, fish, frogs, honey bees, grasshoppers. If it moves, consider it as a source of protein.

  • dwaynec995 says:

    paying insurance and property taxes is not living off the grid!! LOL.

  • dropbear22 says:

    can you explain to us all how you would avoid that?

  • carnage6ar says:

    i understand the technology is there and everybody has been turned off to it the majority of ur bills in a house besides the moregage is utilities = less money in your pocket some people have great jobs and cant keep up on bills cause the have so many

  • proverb311031 says:

    go green to save money and be free from rising energy cost of the future. The electricity companies waste 60% to 70% of what they transmit down their bad transmittion lines

  • DrLsw says:

    @dwaynec995 i can see not paying insurance. but how you cant not pay property tax..

  • DrLsw says:

    @dwaynec995 you cant avoid paying property tax. without loosing you house or goin to jail. somethin like that

  • rudepenis69 says:

    how do you get in touch with ppl if you want to live off the grid?

  • thecampustv says:

    you can find us on facebook under earthship.florida; we’re well connected in that world

  • MrEnergyCzar says:

    I converted my home to a net-zero solared powered home (no oil or gas either)…I made a youtube video showing what my family did…

  • CamerOneiric says:

    Not true, you just have to be hidden well.

  • Warsrogue says:

    Very nice place, this is more realistic than some of the hippie compounds in mud huts.

  • bigirish08 says:

    I think the fact that they haven’t “altered their way of life in any way shape or form” is the very point that they are making. The ability to stop wasting natural resources and continue to enjoy the amenities of on-the-grid living is a reality. I don’t think it matters whether you have the ability to purchase it outright or put it together as you go. What matters is that people like this, cash-purchase or do-it-yourself, are having a positive impact on the planet on which we live.

  • damnationbegins says:

    Unfortunately due to government subsidies and major corporations buying patents to block the further development of renewable energy the market forces have not had a chance to work to bring down the prices on alot of solar, geo-thermal, and wind power. It’s still much cheaper in the long run from my research to be off the grid, just takes a little more start up money. If you build your own home and you can save over 100,000 dollars easy.

  • DebbieChic says:

    Agggh fogot this was on last night. Luckily I found it online this morning at lastnightstvshows (.) com

  • gaiagale says:

    thank you for sharing your story

  • wushujia says:

    @superpunchy71 just like it’s done in Space. NASA does the same thing.

  • tmomof6 says:

    @duddevil, “they don’t know how to take care of anything,” Are you saying that because their animals are dying or because they have an income that allows for luxuries you can’t afford? Money isn’t the issue here. Living green doesn’t mean going homeless or living in a shoe box on the street. No one “just HAPPENS to have a lot of cash”, you have to EARN money. Whats important here’s they spent EARNED income on efficient power systems, if ‘yuppies’ can be comfortable off the grid you can too.

  • brianwurst1234 says:

    Man I just want 100 acres. I don’t even need a mailbox, just 100 acres.

  • unseenxxx says:

    Heh what a bunch of yuppies

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