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Sources Of Renewable Energy For The Home

In part because of the concern about future oil shortages, and also because of the problems with global warming, renewable energy sources are on a lot of people’s minds. Things like wind, the tides, and other natural phenomena can be used to provide an unending source of electricity, but most of these sources are untapped. A tiny fraction of the earth’s natural power is actually being drawn upon, right now.

Alternatives sources of electricity and fuel are available, to a certain extent. But since people have to get them from somewhere (they don’t generally produce their own), they have little or no control over where it comes from. A few electric companies allow people to opt into a program that guarantees a percentage of their electricity be from renewable sources, but usually the percentage is relatively small.

Creating personal sustainable sources is one of the ways that people get around the electric company’s offerings. Solar panels are popular in many parts of the world, but they are too expensive for a lot of people. The sun is a never-ending source of power, however, and solar panels are effective in most places on the globe.

Solar panels prices continue to pose a challenge, though. A few programs exist to make solar panels more affordable. These are usually in the form of government grants, tax breaks, and a few green organization programs. One way to make up a small amount of the cost is that some electric companies will let you remain hooked to their power grid, and not only take electricity when necessary, but also feed it back. If you produce more than you use, you get paid. Some contractors are offering the option to lease solar panels. In the absence of discount solar panels, this could be a good option for homeowners who can’t come up witht the cash upfront.

Typical wind turbines are enormous, and many people don’t know that there are actually smaller versions that exist for personal use. Still large, these require a certain amount of space in which to turn and are only suitable for those with larger properties. They are limited in their usefulness by the requirement for fairly strong winds, as well. But in some cases, they are ideal.

Some of the many sources of renewable energy that could be being used but are not include alternative heating and fuel sources. Bio-diesel is produced from natural oils, and there are certain types of algae that could conceivably be farmed to produce this oil. The algae would use carbon dioxide to produce the oil, which makes the process environmentally friendly as well as never-ending. Geothermal heating takes advantage of the high temperature of the earth’s core in order to heat homes, by running a specialized pipe deep into the ground. It is used, but is rare.

One of the most important things people can do is support renewable energy. If it is more available, more people will be able to use it, including those who cannot afford solar panels or wind turbines. This means voting for its use, and lobbying local, state, and national governments to put more effort into programs that emphasize green energy.

Because supply and demand is the basic model behind every business, people need to help create more demand for renewable energy. Electricity, fuel, and other power sources are produced by businesses looking for a profit, and along with government initiatives, the most important thing people can do is buy more. Increased production lowers costs, and then more people can afford the product, hopefully leading to an ever-increasing amount of green alternative power options.

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The Increasing Popularity Of Green/Renewable Energy In America For Cost Savings And Decrease Of Pullition

Renewable Energy options, which are solar and wind specifically are power sources that are non exhaustive . There are other renewable energy sources such as biomass and geothermal. As opposed to energy sources such as coal, oil and natural gas which are not renewable. Once these are used up, then that is all there is. Renewable energy sources can be used to produce electricity for all kinds of uses and they supply heating and cooling and lighting.

The celebrated thing is that these energy alternatives are increasing in popularity among the US and around the world. Why? Because of the pollution from non-renewable energy sources and the financial savings to the home or business by creating their own energy for so many purposes.

Take wind for example, various peoples have used wind power for years to pump water and grind crops with windmills. Wind turbines are used to generate energy for houses and corporations.

Wind energy is made by capturing winds high above ground and using the blades on the turbines, they turn that wind energy into mechanical might for pumping water or grinding grains. Or the mechanical energy can be developed into electrical energy by use of a generator.

The turbines are generally high above the ground because the air currents there are stronger and more steady that those near the ground, although technology has changed the installations from the past. Wind turbines create about 1% of the nation’s electrical energy supply but that is very rapidly changing.

Two important reasons is that wind is becoming more reliable and it does not create pollutions and therefore a renewable energy form.

Solar energy is made by using the sun’s energy to provide heat, light, hot water, electricity and even cooling for homes, businesses and industry. Unfortunately, solar energy as well only supplies about 1% of the nation’s energy needs. But again that is changing rapidly as well due to increased demand for both solar and wind renewable energy.

Solar energy is made by using solar panels to collect the sun’s rays to hit photovoltaic cells which alter that light energy into electricity. Usually these panels are gathered all together in arrays to make decks of solar collectors.

Technology has changed the way solar energy is collected and there exists a wide array of different collectors for different reasons. Mostly, the flat panels are used to smaller installations like residential homes and small and large businesses.

And this is where AMA Nation comes in.

AMA Nation is a business that services the entire United States to help with the green/renewable energy movement by helping those who want to have solar and wind installations at their homes or businesses. Through AMA Nation, they have a local, certified company come to your residence or business to do a complete feasibility study on the design of your installation, the material needed for you specific uses and the costs. All for free.

Once that is done, they then tap into the federal, state and local funding for these installations. Once approved by the property owner, the installation is then installed and the owner can then enjoy creating their own supply of energy from the renewable energy sources of the sun and wind. Potentially spinning that meter backwards.

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Some Renewable-energy-technologies That The Common Man Can Use

Why are renewable-energy-technologies important? The increase in public demand for natural gas, coal and oil has increased the prices of all these supplies to an absurd unthinkable value. How much do you think will a liter of gasoline cost in another decade? Before that, will gasoline be available in the next 10 years?
Renewable-energy-technologies have created clean resources of energy and publicized its usage since the past few years. The use of sustainable energy, to name it collectively, has always been indistinguishable when we have a number of clean resources of energy that are much more abundant as compared to natural gas, coal and oil. What are the green renewable-energy-technologies which offer the key to the everyday consumption of energy? Here are some that you should know about. Solar panels are the first of these technologies. People have known about the solar panels that are present in calculators. It would be great if the panel could reduce the energy costs. Renewable energy promotion has introduced these panels as effectual ways for providing heat for homes and water. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Light energy is converted into electricity by photovoltaic panels. It is sure to light homes and also make the worries concerning energy lighter. The sun is a sustainable source of energy. Anyone can access it easily. Renewable resources of energy like the sun have to be explored further so that its abundance is not wasted. Next in line are biofuels. Biofuels are used commonly to run cars. Unlike the conventional fuels, they are produced from plants which have vegetable oil in high amounts or fermented products of crops that have high sugar content. Biofuels also have many other uses like heating homes and cooking. This is one of the energy technologies-technologies that was developed much later as compared to the other technologies but it is being used most frequently by average consumers. It is also cheaper than all the other renewable sources of energy. Biofuels work on cars that are converted as well as ones that are specifically designed. Biomass is well liked by farmers as well as owners of large lands. If you own a farm you must have sufficient fertilizers handy. Be it unused vegetables and crops or animal droppings, producing biomass to fuel farms and stoves will be very easy. Windmills or wind turbines are not only to be used for drawing water from wells and streams or grinding corn. The kinetic energy of wind can be converted into electric energy easily. Windmills are mostly used in European countries as there is an overabundance of space and the wind is also blowing from all sides. A 3.3 km windmill could answer a person’s prayer for energy for free. Wind turbines sure are costly but if you can afford them, you will be saved an electricity bill for your lifetime!
Many companies are offering cost effective and clean sources of alternative energy. People are unaware of these renewable-energy-technologies due to lack of exposure.

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Renewable Energy Types And How We Use Them

You ask what is renewable energy? Well it is energy that comes from natural resources like wind, rain, sunlight and tides, which are all Types of Renewable Energy and can be harnessed to generate power. Everyone anywhere has natural resources around them so it is a perfect opportunity to utilize these resources. Thes resouces are available to anyone any time regards of where you are in the world. There are many way’s to do this by using solar panels, solar hot water systems, wind generation and even stand alone solar systems which are a combination of several of these Types of Renewable Energy.

Why pay the electricity company’s to supply your power when you can have your own renewable energy source to power your home. I was always dreading my power bill every 3 months now I don’t get a power bill and am saving money just from having my own solar system. These days the government are offering rebates to install systems using Types of Renewable Energy so why not benifit.

Everyone is looking to help the environment and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and what better way to achieve this than with renewable energy. The Australian government wants by 2020 that 20 per cent of our Electricity supply to come from Types of Renewable Energy.

In Australia you can get paid to put power back into the mains power supply grid so not only are you helping the environment, also the electricity company is paying you for putting power back into the grid so this is very beneficial for you. To do this is by using solar panels on you roof so that the sunlight produces electricity through the panels that you have. They require little maintenance and can last 20 years or more.

There are many Types of Renewable Energy that you can use around your home for 1 there is solar hot water systems. Why not have hot water anytime of the day without having to worry about how much it is costing you. You just have to jump in have a shower and when you get your next electricity bill compare and have a look to see how much you have saved. These day’s the government gives rebates on solar hot water system’s so check with your government and see if you can receive these rebates now.

Another way that you can use Types of Renewable Energy is by using wind turbines and this is done by the wind turning the propellers to make electricity and it can be put into your battery bank. These are very good if you have a place with a lot of wind and are usually used in the stand-alone systems.

So using any of these ideas will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help our environment.

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The Importance Of Wind To Renewable Energy

Our ancestors used forms of renewable energy in there every day life without even knowing it. Probably the most well known is the energy harnessed from the wind. Large windmill structures were erected and used to pump water and to drive milling stones to crush harvested grains like wheat into flour. Holland was probably one of the first to harness this energy in any real scale and used windmills to pump to control water levels and remove water from the inside of there levee banks or dikes.

Wind generators are becoming very popular today for generating power. There are several large scale facilities around the world Known as Wind Farms. These wind farms have a series of very large wind generators constructed up to several megawatts each which harness the Renewable Energy from the wind, with all of them feeding into the main power grid. Major electrical service providers construct these wind farms in location were there is very good supply of strong and constant wind.

In fact there is one such installation not far from where I live in Far North Queensland at a place called Ravenshoe, which is up on the Atherton Tablelands. This installation was built and commissioned in 2000 by the Stanwell Corporation and is proudly known as the Windy Hill Wind Farm and has an output capacity of 12 Megawatts generated from its 20 wind turbines. This wind farm has been so successful in harnessing the renewable energy in this area the Stanwell Corporation is conducting a feasibility study into installing a stage 2 with the same output capacity of 12 megawatts. Australia are proudly operating 33 wind farm around the country and are looking at new locations all the time. At the end of 2009 wind generation had the capacity to generate 1877 Megawatts, which equates to 1.3% of Australia’s national demand, very impressive I think.

I too have taken advantage of this endless source of energy and installed a Stand Alone Hybrid System, which combines both wind and solar energy. This system generates enough power to run my entire household. I have a 1 Kilowatt wind generator and 15 175w mono-crystalline solar panel and the whole system is rated to 6 Kilowatts. It is fantastic no more power bills, the main reason why I did this was it was to far away to connect mains power and with the generous government subsidies it was a much better option.

The good thing about using wind generators is that they work as long as the wind is blowing even at night when there is no sun as long as wind is strong enough the wind generator will do its job and supply a Renewable Energy source to your battery bank or the grid if you have a grid connection system.

Even though the efficiency on wind generators are reasonably low used in conjunction with other forms of Renewable Energy and the fact that they use no fuels at all and have a very minimal impact on the environment they are only going to grow in numbers and with advancements in Technology they are bound to become more efficient.

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Be Proud Renewable Energy DIY

Renewable Energy can be as simple or as complicated as you want or need it to be and can be used for whatever use you can think of. You can use Renewable Energy for anything that you need conventional electricity for, whether it is for the heating of water or a simple pumping system to water your garden or power your garden lights right up more complex systems that feed back into the grid or to power isolated properties or communities.

Many people today are concentrating there efforts on reducing the amount of energy the are using around there homes as a means to not only reduce their electricity bills but also as a conscious effort to protect our environment. Not only are we all trying to reduce the cost of running our homes and businesses but we are also trying to save money by doing things ourselves and not having contractors to do all the work that we need done.

Many homes are using solar energy for water heating and is growing all the time. But what is changing is that more and more people who have installed swimming pools and spa baths want to use them more and more during the winter, let’s face it that it cost a lot of money to install these assets so why not use them as much as they can. To use electricity for the heating of the water is far too expensive and they are turning to Renewable energy sources i.e. solar heating to heat the water and in some case pump the water through the filtration systems.

People are becoming more resourceful and in the world of DIY people are installing there own water heating systems for swimming pools and spas as they see them as a low risk asset and what I mean by low risk is that it is not essential to the running of their homes nor is it critical for the system to maintain a set temp. And it is sometimes not even about the money some people just like to do things themselves, I know I do. Why pay someone huge amounts of money to do something that you are more than capable of doing yourself, it is much more satisfying and it gives you something to be proud of.

This is made somewhat easier with the endless amount of information and material available on the net to build and fabricate components for Renewable Energy systems. Detailed instruction manuals on how to build a solar array and wind generators are readily available that show just how easy it is to build a small pumping system powered by a home made solar panel to water your garden.

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Energy Systems And Renewable Enregy In Rural Areas

In many areas around Australia and all round the world there are requirements for power supply that is not economically feasible or are just not physically possible for mains power to be connected weather it be for a homestead or ranch or a remote monitoring station for weather or some other form of telemetry.

Many rural properties have historically relied on diesel generators to fulfil there power requirements for refrigeration and light and to run any other electrical appliances. But in this economic climate it is just not possible for them to keep putting Diesel into their generators, not only is far to expensive but at certain time of the year during the wet seasons they are unable to get the fuel to there properties.

With technology available today the diesel generator have been somewhat replaced with what is known as a Hybrid Standalone Power Supply. A Hybrid Stand Alone Power Supply is a combination of a Solar Array and a usually a Wind Generator that feed Renewable Energy supply into a battery bank via a regulator that controls the input to the battery bank to protect it and increase the life of the battery bank. These systems are sized according to the load requirements needed. These Hybrid System also have a failsafe with an inclusion of a backup generator that only need run in the case of either a failure of the system or a period of bad weather that does not supply the required amount of sun and or wind to recharge the battery bank.

Other than the components that I have mentioned above there is one more very important if not the most important piece that make up a Hybrid Power Supply and that is an inverter. Most of the modern day appliances are powered by a 240v AC(Alternating Current) supply but the problem with Renewable Energy Systems they are all very low DC(Direct Current) voltage normally 12, 24 or 48 volt depending on the size of the system required. The function of the inverter is to change the DC supply from the battery bank to a useable AC supply that can be used to power your appliances and lights etc. Other functions of the Inverter can include monitoring data in and out of the battery bank, Auto start and stop the backup generator when required and when the load on the system exceeds a predetermined set point so to protect the life of the battery bank. In hole the inverter is the brains of the Hybrid Standalone Power Supply.

There a few major components in a Hybrid Standalone Power Supply that all need to work together to achieve that desired outcome and there is a lot of money involved to set these Renewable Energy systems up but with generous government subsidies they are becoming more affordable and with the price of diesel thy are becoming more feasible.

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Renewable Energy

I have been camping the hard way for years with ice and eskies now I am doing it smarter and have been experimenting with renewable energy.Several years ago I brought myself my first camping fridge after endless research and trying to work out what was most cost effective.

I finally decided on a Waeco CF110 which is designed to run on 12 or 24 volt DC and with the aid of a transformer 240 volt AC. Like most people I tried to do every thing on the cheap and I searched high and low through the classified ads and Tradingpost and I brought two 40watt solar panel and a couple of old 5Amp Solarex Regulators. But what I did spend up big on a good quality glass matt deep cycle battery that had a storage capacity of 100Ahr.

I connected all the components together and tested the system and to my surprise it worked fine for the first couple of days. I found that the load required to keep the fridge running was not covered by the Renewable energy supplied by the two 40watt solar panels and in fact fell quite short. So back to the Classifieds I went and as I could afford it I brought a few more 5Amp Solarex Regulators and a 60 and a 75-watt solar panel.

I made many silly mistakes until I did some research. The first was I was using a series of different size solar panels connected in parallel, which I have since found out is not right, as the solar panels will draw power from each other to try and equalize the voltage across each solar panel. The second critical mistake that I made was to use a 5Amp regulator for each solar panel that again confused the issue and caused them all to regulate at a much lower voltage as they were sensing the solar panel voltage on the larger solar panels and not the battery voltage.

After lots of trial and error I bit the bullet and brought a second 75-watt solar panel and a Pulsonic regulator that is rated to 20 Amps and is totally programmable. A 20 amp Regulator is more that enough to handle the supply from the two 75-watt solar panels and because they are both the same size there is confusion or power draw to equalize voltages etc. These two panels together with my 100Amp hour Glass matt deep cycle battery more than satisfy my energy requirements for my Waeco CF110 and series of 12V lights that I string up around the camp giving us plenty of light.

The regulator senses the battery voltage and then controls the amperage input so that the battery does not charge to quickly or does not over charge, which protects your battery life. Another safety function is that the regulator will cut off the power to your load being your fridge etc. at a preset voltage; this also protects your battery and extends the life of it. On a good sunny day this system reaches the float state by around 2:00pm and then it regulates to the load requirements of the system so that the battery is still fully charged to get you through the night and to the point that the sun is up and the charging process starts again.

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Great Approaches Opportunities To Neophyte The Solar Energy Into Effective Advantage

How can you obtain benefits from applying solar water heater at the current time? When you possess this system at home, this will finish being much more effective collated to a standard model. By using solar, you are capable to save as much as eighty percent to offer more for your family on a yearly background. The old-fashioned techniques could turn out to be very much perilous and at the identical cause you to waste money. This could surely become one of the best investment solutions you will make in your life, specifically if you are planning to sell your house in the future; considering that this system is becoming very much popular. Another perfect benefit is the reality the government is now providing tax credit for house possessors who are switching to these systems. When your system is positively set, it is real to obtain tax credit which equals about thirty percent of the real price for installation. In the event that you are on a limited spending budget monthly, this could be beneficial as this will permit you to reduce your huge financial burden. In the case that you decide to change to solar, it is real that you can significantly reduce your heating bill by as much as seventy percent which makes it easier for you to control your monthly installments.

The homemade solar panels must be taking the course of the southeast or southwest direction. Sometimes even several panels can be made use, but the fixing costs can be too expensive. We can make use of this panel throughout summer and extract as much solar energy as possible. These domestic solar panels are really effective as they utilize the dual-coil storage cylinder to heat up the water. A 200 liters storing cylinder is enough. These panels are created from silicon and they convert the solar energy into renewable energy in the form of power. There are also no CO2 emissions. There are two types of solar panels obtainable one is flat panel arrays and the other is evacuated tubes. Evacuated tubes are more effective in collecting the solar energy. These tubes are extremely durable. This tube permits maximum absorption. They can withstand very high temperatures. The evacuation of the gasses forms a vacuum.

The vacuum guards heat loss from the tubes. The outer tube remains cold whereas the temperature inside the tube can be more than 150C. The performance of the evacuated tubes excels the productivity of flat panel models because they collect maximum solar earnest in making your very own solar panels, then it is beneficial to do research online and get as much information as possible that can assist you on different web sources. This can save your finances and as well as the ecology by making your own domestic solar panels.

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Aspects To Keep In Mind For Effectiveness Of Using Solar Energy

The idea is that the boiler won’t need use as much power, as the water is already hot from the solar water heater. The best plans to build either one of these things can be found in many basic solar power manuals. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to calculate exactly how much power you can save before making attempts in converting your existing system. You might see that you can economize a lot more finances by not only changing your hot water system, but also your home energy system. Solar panels and wind turbines are cheaper and simply to create than you might suppose. Don’t buy a hard copy instruction manual, that’s just throwing away money. Download one from the internet instead. It’s cheaper, and online guides usually have much more information. The majority will not solely show you how to create a solar hot water heater, but also a wind turbine, home biodiesel setup, and generally how to run your entire home from free, natural power.

Then you won’t be at the charity of the power organization with its rising energy rates. You won’t be dependent on power sources that are not renewable and that keep going up in cost. You won’t have to worry about power outages that disrupt the flow of energy from the electric organization. You will be doing what you can to reduce global warming by reducing your use of carbon fuels, and you may be capable to get tax credits for green energy. In the United States, you may even be able to get tax lessening, grant finances, and rebates simply by beginning to utilize solar energy for your business or homemade solar power needs. On top of all that, you can even sell excess electricity back into the place’s electrical grid. Simply imagine – instead of you paying the electric company, the electric organization will be paying you!

The first thing to remember is effectiveness. There are panels that have better effectiveness. In effect, they make more light into power, but before going through these options, it is crucial to comprehend your needs. You see, the more efficient options commonly are more expensive. So, it comes down to what is more crucial. Do you have restricted space or would you rather obtain inexpensive prices, and use up more of your valuable land? There is a balance that needs to be struck, and luckily there are multiple options, so you can get something that meets your needs. The biggest question is where do you find these home solar panels? There are some alternatives, and knowing where to look can make all the difference. Great alterantive is to go on the web. More and more stores are opening up the doors in the web, and getting and buying home solar panels is much easier online. So, invest some time and find the best options to obtain solar power in your home!

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