Sources Of Renewable Energy For The Home

In part because of the concern about future oil shortages, and also because of the problems with global warming, renewable energy sources are on a lot of people’s minds. Things like wind, the tides, and other natural phenomena can be used to provide an unending source of electricity, but most of these sources are untapped. A tiny fraction of the earth’s natural power is actually being drawn upon, right now.

Alternatives sources of electricity and fuel are available, to a certain extent. But since people have to get them from somewhere (they don’t generally produce their own), they have little or no control over where it comes from. A few electric companies allow people to opt into a program that guarantees a percentage of their electricity be from renewable sources, but usually the percentage is relatively small.

Creating personal sustainable sources is one of the ways that people get around the electric company’s offerings. Solar panels are popular in many parts of the world, but they are too expensive for a lot of people. The sun is a never-ending source of power, however, and solar panels are effective in most places on the globe.

Solar panels prices continue to pose a challenge, though. A few programs exist to make solar panels more affordable. These are usually in the form of government grants, tax breaks, and a few green organization programs. One way to make up a small amount of the cost is that some electric companies will let you remain hooked to their power grid, and not only take electricity when necessary, but also feed it back. If you produce more than you use, you get paid. Some contractors are offering the option to lease solar panels. In the absence of discount solar panels, this could be a good option for homeowners who can’t come up witht the cash upfront.

Typical wind turbines are enormous, and many people don’t know that there are actually smaller versions that exist for personal use. Still large, these require a certain amount of space in which to turn and are only suitable for those with larger properties. They are limited in their usefulness by the requirement for fairly strong winds, as well. But in some cases, they are ideal.

Some of the many sources of renewable energy that could be being used but are not include alternative heating and fuel sources. Bio-diesel is produced from natural oils, and there are certain types of algae that could conceivably be farmed to produce this oil. The algae would use carbon dioxide to produce the oil, which makes the process environmentally friendly as well as never-ending. Geothermal heating takes advantage of the high temperature of the earth’s core in order to heat homes, by running a specialized pipe deep into the ground. It is used, but is rare.

One of the most important things people can do is support renewable energy. If it is more available, more people will be able to use it, including those who cannot afford solar panels or wind turbines. This means voting for its use, and lobbying local, state, and national governments to put more effort into programs that emphasize green energy.

Because supply and demand is the basic model behind every business, people need to help create more demand for renewable energy. Electricity, fuel, and other power sources are produced by businesses looking for a profit, and along with government initiatives, the most important thing people can do is buy more. Increased production lowers costs, and then more people can afford the product, hopefully leading to an ever-increasing amount of green alternative power options.

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