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Consequences Of Global Warming – Exactly What Happens Plus Just How Much Will Certainly It Have An Impact On Everybody The World

In no less than the past hundred years, there have been world-wide alterations in heat with higher heat range, shrinking arctic plus the conjecture is an surge in temperature globally in this hundred years. This shift will not likely effect the whole world equally as some may benefit from the change while some will certainly endure economically. There is at least one faction which feels the weather shift will influence human life and animals badly with the demise of several species.

The effects of global Warming aren’t going to be limited to that particular in the arctic and its shrinking, but will likely have an effect on the weather leading to extreme rainwater storms in areas around the globe and also drought in other parts around the globe. The oceans Ph levels may decrease considerably by 2011 making the oceans more acidic and with a loss of oxygen. There have been some Ph level drop in the ocean since the industrial revolution however the predictions reveal there is more in the future.

The effects of global warming do not end at environmental surroundings. You will see social changes also. Lack of foodstuff provisions, water provisions, resources and health will grow. There is going to be lack of foodstuff because of the changing environment for expanding. Water supply will probably be troubled by the rain storms as well as the shifting in oceanic environment. The health of humans and also creatures are going to be affected by the influx of health conditions.

There are some that think that the changes will impact the globe all together by cosmological events such as: black holes, meteorits, super novas plus the losing of one’s fertility. Some experts believe that our sun get way too hot to sustain life on the planet.

All of the forecasts on the cause and effect of preventing global warming all point to the eventual termination of our life. A few of the predictions allows for for very long years to allow them to become correct and others permit a short period of time. The dispute proceeds as each side presents its own explanation belonging to the impact that global warming will have on human life and animals alike.

global Warming?

Global warming has been in the headlines lately and i have a question. Why is global warming being pinned on people and cars, power plants etc. When global warming trigures an ice age. If thats the case weve already had several ice ages. so couldnt global warming just be a cycle. Cus honestly unless a trex was driving around in a himmer wouldnt an ice age just be a earth cycle?

Global warming…?

I’ve been hearing all this stuff about global warming. how it’s messing the earth up. also how the world is coming closer and closer to an end. i was watching the news. they said because f the icecaps and glaciers emlting, its could cause floods. also, its going to get really hot. I hate hot weather. I mean the scientists say this stuff as if they’re not even worried about the people. I mean am i he only one freaked out about this? THE WORLD MIGHT BE AT ITS END. im really worried and is there a way we could actually try to prevent this or atleast make it better?

global warming?

can you tell me anything you know about global warming. What it is in scientific words or in some regular "we all understand" words briefly. Thanx.

Affordable Ways You Can Help Combat Global Warming

Affordable Ways You Can Help Combat Global Warming

Have you heard of global warming before?

If you regularly watch television, surf the internet, or listen to the radio, there is a good chance that you have.

In recent years, global warming is an issue that has seen an increase in press. Although there is a lot of debate that surrounds global warming, you may still be concerned. After all, if the predictions are right, the earth may not be a safe place for your future family members.

If the thought of global warming and the affects it can have on the planet in the future scare you, you will want to do you part. Unfortunately, many individuals do not realize how easy, as well as how affordable it is to join in on the fight against global warming.

Unfortunately, much focus is placed on energy efficient vehicles and appliances. If you do not have the financial means needed to make these purchases, it is okay, as there are more affordable ways that you can help.

One of the biggest chances that you have to help prevent global warming or lessen its impact is in your home. In your home, you will want to look at your electricity uses. Are there appliances, like your computer, that are turned on when you aren’t using them?

How about the lights in your home? Are your lights turned on even when nobody is in the room? If you answered yes, these are things that you will want to change. Limiting your electricity use is a great way to not only help prevent global warming, but it can also save you money too!

As previously stated, you will want to lessen the amount of electricity used in your home. One of the easiest ways to do so is to ensure that all lights and appliances are turned off when they are not in use.

What is nice about this approach is that it is completely free and, as previously stated, you can save yourself money! Another step involves examining your heat. Instead of having your thermostat cranked up high, you may want to put on a sweater and turn the heat down. Even a few degrees can help reduce the toxic emissions that come from your home.

In keeping with electricity, you will want to take a close look at energy efficient light bulbs. Unfortunately, many individuals do not realize the many benefits to using these light bulbs, as opposed to traditional ones.

For starters, you can save yourself a little bit of money each year by switching all or at least most of the lights in your home to energy efficient light bulbs. Also, these light bulbs work much longer than traditional ones. Depending on your use, an energy efficient light bulb can last as long as one or two years.

By price comparing, you can easily find multi-packs of these energy efficient lights for around five dollars. Talk about affordability!

Even if you are a renter, as opposed to a homeowner, there are still ways that you can work to combat global warming. You may want to speak with your landlord about making any window repairs, especially if you feel cold air entering into your home when it shouldn’t be.

Ask your landlord about the hot water heater, do they use a hot water heater blanket? Hot water heater blankets are affordably priced and they can help to save the environment and your landlord may also be able to save a little bit of money as well, as they can lower the temperature of their water heater.

As previously stated, you may not have the financial means needed to purchase a new hybrid or energy efficient car. Even so, you will still want to take a close look at your methods of transportation.

When you drive, do you really need to? If you are able to walk, carpool or take public transportation, you are encouraged to do so. Even if you leave your car home, just a couple of times a week, you are still doing your part, even though small, to help stop the horrific impacts that global warming may have on our planet.

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corn pops boyz!! asked:

don’t you think earth day should be everyday?
I mean why one day? at least a week I would think. especially now when global warming is a big threat right now.

earth day

Global Warming

how does the global warming is going to affect our planet? What can we do about it? Is it as real as people say it is?

Great Locations For Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are used for several reasons but the main reason is to generate energy from the wind. This may sound difficult but it is possible. You experience energy from the wind whenever someone runs past you quickly. A second after they pass you can feel the wind from them going by. This wind that you feel if produced in a great amount can be converted into energy. You may have seen the tall turbines standing in the fields when you drive by. There is the older classic model windmill that helped to crush grain when the windmill blades would turn, it would turn a mechanism inside which was attached to a device that would crush grain for flour. There are several different locations that are perfect for the wind power and depending on where they are as to how much energy they produce.

OffShore Turbines can be placed offshore in order to produce energy from wind in the air and from the water. They don’t bother the view as much when they are out on the water and the noise that they make cannot be heard on land. The average wind speed is higher on the water because the water has less surface roughness and can use every part of energy from the wind. There are several different locations today that you might see wind turbines offshore and there are more building in the future. The one main complaint with people and turbines is the noise they make. It is constant and annoying to some. The other complaint is that they are tall and not pleasant to look at.

While all of these are true the main reason for wind turbines is to find an alternative to using fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources to produce our power. When a tower is built offshore it may cost more money in the long run because the towers need to be higher so there will be no restrictions. Turbines access power through undersea cable which may use high voltage direct current. The sea salt may also cut down on the length of time these turbines stay in shape.

Near Shore These turbines can be seen but not heard. They are on water so they can produce enough energy compared to being totally on the land. Because the sea shore lines are considered to be very windy due to the tides coming in and the wind on the water, it becomes the perfect location for a turbine. There are issues and concerns with how wildlife is using these towers and zones for their nesting and habitats. There is another concern that the shoreline wind farms are not in the best interests of those who wish to come to the shore line to visit. It becomes a sight to see and hear the generation of power through these wind mills. The size of the towers can be minimal but this causes controversy as well because the smaller the tower the lesser amount of energy to produce.

Off shore and near shore are the choices we have. There are advantages and disadvantages to each one. We have to weigh the results with the problems to see which way may be best for everyone.

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Ways To Use Solar Power For Heat

We have become accustomed to turning a dial or pushing a button in order to have heat. These ways are nice but they may be inconvenient as well. Heating homes, schools or businesses with solar energy is not only easy but cost effective as well. There are several ways that we can capture the sun’s heat even in winter times. In order to capture the sun’s heat you need a solar source. This source can be something that will attract the sun rays but trap the heat from it when it enters the source. A good example is a sunroom.

These rooms are attached to a home or a building and are constructed of glass panels from the floor to the ceiling. It is usually facing the morning sun in order to get the full affect of the heat. When the sun shines into the room the glass allows the sunrays heat the furniture and everything in the room. These areas become the source that holds the heat in so that it will not escape back out of the glass. This type of heating is natural and can be very efficient if it is constructed correctly.

Other forms of solar power heat are:

Thermal mass that absorbs and holds in the heat. It traps and holds heat while the sun is shining and disperses the heat when the sun goes down.

Trombe Wall is a natural solar heating and ventilation system that uses air channels to hold the heat between a glass object and a thermal mass that is facing the sun. The sunlight gets trapped and stored inside this wall and is then circulated though vents and the top and the bottom of the wall. The wall radiates the heat.

Transpired collector is also a wall that is used facing the sun. The wall absorbs the sunlight and heats the air when it enters into the ventilation system.

Solar Cooling is a great way to ventilate a building. It absorbs the solar heat and cools it making ice with a solar powered steam engine that is attached to a cooling device.

Solar Chimney is also a solar ventilation system. It is made of a thermal mass that is hollow inside. The chimney will warm the air inside the chimney and causing the heat to rise. The rise allows the air to circulate and vent properly.

There are several ways that we can provide heating and cooling to our homes, businesses, buildings or other structures that need to be heated. The ways listed above are by using all natural material that will pay off in the long run when you have heat using the sun and not an artificial heating source that may be produced by non-renewable resources. We all need heat no matter what. We need to find out what ways we can save the heat from the day to keep our house warm at night. Not only does it work for heating but also cooling as well.

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Advanced Vehicles

When we think of advanced vehicles it reminds us of speed that a vehicle has and all the newer vehicles that are coming out with all the modern gadgets and gizmos. Every time we turn the ignition on our vehicle we are sending a bad sign out into the world and the atmosphere. Scientist have worked rather hard at coming up with a way that our cars can be safe for our planet. So how is that done?

Advanced fuel systems include energy storage which is the batteries that help power it instead of the fuels, power electronics, thermal comfort and systems analysis. These fuel systems are constantly being studied and have made outstanding research and development topics. The main focus on the fuel systems in advanced vehicles is to find an alternative fuel in order to cut down on pollution and to restore our economy. We cannot continue buying fuels forever. We need an alternative to fuel. Sometime in the future, fuel will no longer be available for us to use. Advanced vehicles are designed to make it more efficient to run at top speeds. Convenience is another advantage to the advanced vehicles.

They plug in and charge instead of running out of fuel and refilling the tank. Running these cars may not break any records but it can help tremendously knowing that they are running clean. Ultracapacitors are designed to provide additional power to accelerate for climbing hills. Vehicle power electronics controls the amount of electricity through the devices. This may be the ignition, DC to DC converters, inverters, and motor controllers.

Vehicle Thermal comfort is how you control your temperature inside the car. You may have to roll the windows down or put them up. Turn the heat on or the air conditioning on. No matter what you have to do this is thermal comfort. The main goal for such an invention is to come up with a vehicle that can get us where we need to go in the amount of time that we allow ourselves. In the fast paced world that we live in today, it is hard to find someone who has the time to spend waiting on their vehicles to get repaired or refueled. That is because we need that vehicle to be up and running when we need it the most. Scientist are studying the car factor and what it will do for us in the future and what it has done for us in the past. As they strive to gather more information they can better the way the advanced vehicles have made it through.

Advanced vehicles are on the go and will one day be the car that we decide to buy because that may be our only choice in the future. When the fuels run dry we will no longer be able to drive what we currently have now. Though these vehicles do allow some restriction, that will no longer be as we progress into the future and all the bugs will be worked out.

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