What Does it Mean When a Company Claims to Be Using Green Energy?

One selling point for some companies is that they are manufacturing or running their business using green energy. What does this really mean and what can be different about it from one company to another?

Green energy typically refers to renewable energy. This means that they are using some solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power, or other forms of what are considered to be clean energies.

For some businesses who claim to be using green energy, they are literally using this type of energy as expected. Some areas allow a customer to pay an extra 25% to 50% to purchase kilowatts made from renewable sources. These companies put in the extra money to make sure the energy they are using is coming from better sources.

But at times you have to be a bit careful. Sometimes companies will choose to offset with payments towards green energy companies. This means that they are not actually using renewable energy but are taking the extra cost they would have paid towards this type of energy and sending it to a company that is investing in this type of product. This happens because not every area has renewable energy to actually purchase. This is second best but something that is done.

The third type is when a company chooses to buy what are called carbon offsets. There is a huge debate about the value of an offset. The concept is that the business will calculate how much carbon or CO2 is made and a purchase of offsets are made to attempt to negate the emissions that are made. There is some skepticism whether this type of offset is actually offsetting anything.

You need to be aware that all claims of using renewable energy aren’t physically using it. Some who are near it do, but others are attempting to do the next best thing by investing in green energy in other parts of the country.

When a company claims to be using green energy, what does it mean? There are actually a few different forms of green energy usage that a consumer needs to be aware of. Be informed and you will know for sure if they are going green.

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