National Renewable Energy – Are You Serious About it?

For many years there were plentiful supplies of fossil fuels and there was no need to look for alternatives, but then news and research came out that said that the continued use of fossil fuels was reeking damage to our environment and causing global warming and climate change.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory website contains a plethora of information to anybody interested in reading and finding ways to understanding what energy alternatives really are.

On the website you can find information about the national renewable energy laboratory’s research and development strategies that will work to change the way that power is used in homes, businesses and in cars. If interested, you can visit the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden CO. and in Washington. But if you were interested in wind energy I would recommend that you visit the National Wind Technology Center.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado shows you lots of information on how you can protect the environment and save energy too. The visitor’s center is great for the young and old with education programs for all ages that teach you about renewable energy and how to use renewable energy as part of your own save the environment plan. The center is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and closed all weekends and public holidays.

There is a lot of information on their website about renewable energy that can benefit everyone. There is some especially good information on that of solar power, wind energy, geothermal power and biomass power. Student resources are also available to help with school projects and assignments. Another great thing about this website is the accuracy of the information – sometimes you don’t know what you are going to get on the Internet, and it is nice to read valid information.

The information on the N R E L’s website about solar energy is very up to date and innovative, and it is important for anybody to read if they want to make use of solar technologies in their home or office.

These technologies use the sun’s rays to provide electricity, heat and hot water. In recent news the US Department of Energy has allocated $107.4m for clean energy and efficiency projects and the scientists at national renewable energy labs will be continually doing research to find an answer to this age-old question. On the NREL website there is extensive information on photovoltaic research, solar thermal research, and solar radiation research.

If you are interested in applying alternative technologies you may wish to contact the National Renewable Energy Laboratory because the faculty can help you with your initiative and help get it off the ground. For starters, the laboratory supports clean energy projects for businesses, educational institutions, the government, tribal communities, and many international governments. Let it help with your project today. As stated on our website, we are vitally interested in renewable energy starting with your electricity supply, which I KNOW is a major expense to our pockets and our environment in it’s production

NREL is taking a leadership role in the drive to build a new economy, increase energy security and reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

It is easy to get started with national renewable energy.

To begin with, read up on absolutely everything you can though out my blog about new technologies and see how you can make a difference. Many people find it good that there is some kind of stepping stone to help them get started, and that is why this blog and the N R E L website is great – I’d like to let you know that if you put your mind to clean energy you can actually make a difference.

To the world and your wallet.

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Paul Goldman, is a “transplanted” Australian living in Florida who got tired of sky-high electricity prices, gas prices and things that were damaging the environment (and his wallet) so he investigated ALL the options. The ones that WORKED and the others!

“I went “Green” and my wallet went “Greener”

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