Find Out The Disadvantages Of Wind Energy

Wind energy derives from the sun – the energy of the sun warms and cools as the earth rotates between day and night and that is how wind is created. Wind energy is not something new, it was used in the middle ages to mill grain and also being used in China for a long time to pump water. However people soon lost interest in wind power and began using fossil fuels. Interest has risen again due to our environmental issues and the fact that wind does not create any gases. This is one of the key advantages of wind energy, but there are other disadvantages of wind energy we have to take into consideration too.

The greatest disadvantage of wind energy is the noise level that wind farm produce because there are hundreds or even thousands of wind turbines in a field creating a great amount of noise. It has actually been said that commercial wind turbines make so much noise that they are often compared to the noise that produced by a jet plane. With wind energy you may avoid the environmental pollution but you are stuck with another pollution instead – noise pollution. The world we live in is very opinionated where people only want things to happen that suit them. It is often for people to protest about wind farm for the noises that are generated by them, and if people protest so much there is no chance that a wind farm will be instated as the government will sometimes not allow it. People don’t always protest because of noise either, many people protest against the development of wind farms as they destroy the beauty of clean, green open fields.

Another of the other major disadvantages of wind energy is that wind can never be predicted – one day you might have lots of gusts blowing, and other days there will be no wind at all. It is hence hard to know what the weather will be like and hence if wind energy is the only source of power around, people will have to go without power when it is not windy. Theoretically, wind power looks like a very good idea but it is not quite so true in practice.

There are other disadvantages of wind energy that does not spring to your mind straight away when you think about wind energy as a source of power however some problems do still exist. For example it is costly to set up the wind power technology in the initial stages, you have to get government consents, land consents and actually have to find land big enough to build the wind farm. In our over populated world it can be quite hard to find decent land spaces that are close to where people live. Sure you could put wind farms in far away places where you can locate the space however these wind farms will be so far away from the people who want to use the wind power, and most of the time it will be very costly to have these wind farms in such far out and barren places.

All in all, even with the fact that there are some good points to talk about wind energy, the disadvantages of wind energy by far outweigh the advantages with the biggest problems not being able to predict the winds and noise level problems. We will find an answer one day!

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