Learn How To Build Your Own Solar Panel Power System With Grid Tie Inverter

Need a step by step article on how to build your own solar panel power system for home, garage, remote property or a holiday house, than you are in the right place as I previously helped a few people to build their own. I received great feedback and some people went above and beyond and are now off grid enjoying an electricity bill free household. There is a lot of research to do before you get started and good thing you landed here reading my article because I’m happy to share with you all my research I’ve done.

I’ve posted some content with a full explanation about how it works and how I’ve connected all the components together: solar panels, wiring, switch disconnect/fuses box, power charge controller, grid tie inverter, regular power inverter, power meters/monitors, and a deep cycle battery bank.

A quick and easy start with a basic solar panel power system.
Tips on how to build your own solar panel power system with grid tie inverter

Firstly you need a solar panel to start. Recommended are the Mono-crystalline as they’re the most advanced at the moment, they have quite a long life (15-25 years). Mono-crystalline panels are made of little square cells about 5 x 5cm each, connected in series. Mono-crystalline panels can be found anywhere from 1 W to 280 W at the moment at 12 V or 24 V. It is very important to place the panels in a good spot where they will get the most sun on them and a safe and strong mounting is required as well.

Next you need some wire which recommended is the solar cable/wire with double insulation and UV protected, outdoor ready. Depending on how big you want the system to be, the more advanced equipment you find available and the more expensive it is, but we`re talking about a basic system to start with. For one of these systems you can use just a power gardening wire hidden from the sun, it will do the job.

At this point we have the panel, firmly installed with a good positioning towards the sun and wired. That`s all what you need to produce power.
How to use the power that is getting produced by the panel…

There are three ways:

1-use the power that is getting produced straight from the panels (during the day only)

2-store the power in a battery bank and use it when needed

3-export the power produced straight to your home grid (again during the day only)
List of components I’ve used with my system:
-1x 12v 100w solar panel
-1x 24v 120w solar panel
-4x 4.5kA fuses
-1x C60(60amp) Xantrex Power charge controller (12v or 24v settings)
-1x 300w grid tie inverter Power Jack – China 20v -> 240v
-1x 250w grid tie inverter Masspower – USA 20v -> 240v -2x Power Meter UK
-2x 30A fuses
-1x BitMB Power inverter 3000w continuous and 6000w peak 24V->240V DC->AC (modified sine)
-4x 150Ah 12V Deep Cycle batteries, connected in series and parallel so they work as 24V 300Ah
-1x DC 4way switch
-14x battery cables
-2x pairs PV plug
-20m outdoor electric wire
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