Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wind Power

Blessings of Wind Power

There are many advantages of wind power over ancient fossil fuels (and indeed alternative sorts of renewable energy). Sadly a number of these blessings are laborious to work out because of the disadvantages of wind power, however no system is perfect.

Clean: Aside from the producing method, wind power emits completely no greenhouse gases.
Free: Ok not in terms of cash, but there aren’t any fuel concerns. As long as the wind blows, you get electricity. There aren’t any worries about sourcing fuel from elsewhere to form it work.
Passive: What I mean by this is often that you do not want to work wind turbines. Once you set them up, except for routine maintenance, they can work. This makes them ideal for…
“Place”-ability: Because of their nature, wind turbines will be placed in an exceedingly selection of rather inhospitable locations. In fact, they are ideal for mountainous/exposed regions where regular power plants are unsuitable, as a result of of the strong winds.
Decentralised: There is not one huge power plant that generates an enormous quantity of electricity, however heaps of smaller ones. This suggests there is less chance of a big failure and it is also less vulnerable to some kind of interference. In fact, wind power is right for microgeneration.
Domestic: Wind power lends itself well to domestic applications, as wind turbines can be just about any size. They will be fitted to rooftops (though these are less economical) or smaller versions will be placed in back gardens.
Where there are blessings of wind power, there are bound to be disadvantages of wind power! And here they are…

Disadvantages of Wind Power

Reliability: Wind power wants wind. This is often obvious, however there’s not continuously wind available! The turbines would like a minimum wind speed to get them spinning, and can only operate up to a most wind speed, after which they have to be locked. Clearly it might be dangerous to possess them on in gale force winds! This vary is kind of massive though, thus electricity is generated a heap of the time.
Expense: Wind turbines are quite expensive, especially as you need so many to match the output of an everyday power station. A trendy wind turbine generates between 1 and a pair of MW (1 MW = 1,000,000 Watts) whereas a power plant generates something of the order of one GW (1,000,000,000 W). Therefore, you’d need between 500 and 1000 to match a power plant.
National Security!: There was a recent discovery that wind power will even have an effect on national security! It seems wind farms cause holes in RADAR coverage because the blades on the turbines confuse the system. Apparently they give the impression of being like planes. It’s thus bad that they cause a giant RADAR shadow behind them!
Wildlife: There have long been arguments that wind turbines affect migratory birds, but a lot of recently it has been discovered that they’ll create bats’ lungs explode!
Aesthetics: This one really is down to private taste, however it ought to be included here as a result of farms have usually been banned for precisely this reason.

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