What Can You Do To Halt Climate Change?

Amongst the recession and the coalition government, the environment is a topic which continues to dominate the news. The frenzy over global warming reached its peak in 2008 with the G8 summit which as followed up with hundreds of different media items focused on the environment. Perhaps mots famous was Al Gore’s straight to DVD documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ which was a filmed talk by Gore himself accompanied with animated infographics and evocative images of polar bears falling through ice sheets. This performed well commercially and really brought home the true cost of global warming as well as informing the masses of exactly how it was happening.

Steps are being made all over the world to combat the problem and the UK is no exception. Cars are one of the major polluters and small restrictions are gradually being brought in which will increase the cost of motoring, this means cars will be unaffordable for many, making environmentally friendly choices the only option. petrol heads should not get to down however, there are companies working on credible petrol hybrid vehicles, thankfully the first electric supercar has been released, the Telsa which combines great performance with zero emissions. Everyone can make a difference is the main message governments are trying to get across and this is true.

We all know that products like Siemens appliances can use a lot of juice. Energy saving light bulbs can save us a fortune as well as saving the planet, these have been around for years. Things which take less than a second to complete like turning your TV off fully might not seem like it would have much of an effect, but total this up over a year and it amounts to a significant saving in co2 output. One thing you may not be aware of that can save tones of power is your washing machine.

To heat up water requires electricity and you may surprised to learn that washing machines, whether they be miele washing machines or lg washing machines uses more power to heat water than either your bath or shower. Simply turning your temperature dial down to 30 degrees instead of 40 will make a huge difference. Don’t worry this won’t leave you with stinky clothes, the wash may just take a little longer. A small price to pay for saving the world!

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