How To Choose Whether To Travel With An Ipod

With this modern age of technology, traveling with an ipod is almost as common as traveling with a book or a magazine. Its compact size, plethora of features, and affordable price make it a luxurious traveling accessory. Ipods offer many options for the average summer vacationer, so you will probably see your fair share of dangling earphone cords during your trip. Due to their ever-increasing popularity, ipods provide a simple way to pass the time during the long hours of travel that often accompany a summer vacation. But, are ipods the best idea when trying to make it to your destination? A brief list of Pros and Cons will help you decide whether an ipod will make your vacation a better one.


#1 Provide a Source of Entertainment

“Are we there yet,” is one of the most popular questions asked during an average road trip. Due to the advancement of the ipod, that question will probably become a more infrequent one. Ipods provide a valuable source of entertainment when traveling to your summer destination. All ipods offer music as a source of entertainment, but more advanced versions can also host podcasts and videos.

#2 Make Time go by Faster

If you, or someone in your family, tends to get bored easily when traveling, an ipod will make the time seem to go by faster. This is especially advantageous if you are traveling with an adolescent or a teenager who doesn’t enjoy looking out the window to admire the scenery. Ipods can help occupy your time if the travel itself is simply too boring and monotonous.

#3 Offer Constructive Alternatives

When traveling, it seems like there is always the possibility that something will go wrong. Air flight delays, road construction, and weather issues can all cause your travel plans to become delayed. An ipod offers a constructive alternative while you are in holding waiting for your travel plans to resume.

#4 Trigger Inspirational Moments

Studies have shown that music can actually increase your brain activity. Traveling with an ipod also encourages that same benefit by keeping your neurons triggering on a regular basis. Even though you may not realize it, your brain is processing the rhythms and musical sequences in a way that is inspirational. Do ipods actually make you smarter? Well, that might not be a question that is easily answered.

#5 Help Start Conversations

With the wide array of song selections, video samples, and podcasts available on the average ipod, there is a sure bet that you can find some interesting topics of conversation. Sharing headphones and listening to music together is a common way to open up discussions about musical groups and entertainment in general. Some podcasts offer briefings on relative news items and global issues that can also help you start an interesting and educational discussion.


#1 Appear to be Anti-Social

Even though ipods can be used as valuable conversation starters, they can also deter social communication all together. When you put a pair of earphones in your ears, you block out most of what is going on in the world around you. As a result, you create a bubble around yourself that can appear to be anti-social. Additionally, since you have an ipod to occupy your time, so you might not care to try to interact with others.

#2 Provide a Source of Distraction

When you travel during a summer vacation, you are probably using a bus, train, plane, or car as a source of your transportation. Ipods can be a big distraction, especially if you are the one driving a car. You might not hear horns honking or sirens blasting as other drivers speed around you. Additionally, traveling with an ipod makes it difficult to answer gate attendant’s questions or hear instructions given by a driver or pilot.

#3 Can Become Uncomfortable

With new versions of the ipod, modern advancements in earphones have also emerged. Unfortunately, even the best earphones tend to get uncomfortable after a couple of hours of use. The plastic and foam covers can cause your ears to become irritated and itchy after prolonged use. Resting your head on a pillow or a door frame can also increase the amount of discomfort to increase over time.

#4 Could get Lost or Stolen

Nothing can wreck a summer vacation faster than having a valuable item get lost or stolen. Ipods are certainly no exception to this rule. With the effort it takes to select and download songs, videos, and podcasts, a lost or stolen ipod can seem even more devastating. Since ipods are small and easy to lose or steal, traveling with one can seem a bit risky.

#5 Might Suffer Mechanical Issues

As with any other piece of technology, ipods have their mechanical faults and failures. Forgetting to charge your ipod can be a source of irritation during a vacation travel day. Similarly, skipped songs, electronic malfunction, and broken components can cause your ipod to become more of a hassle than a pleasure. When you travel, you don’t usually have access to specialists who can help fix the problems making ipod difficulties even more frustrating.

In summary, traveling with an ipod certainly has its pros and cons. The benefits provide you, an average ipod user, with entertainment and constructive activities that you might not otherwise have. On the contrary, ipods can also be a source of frustration that offers anti-social activity during a summer vacation. With almost everything in life, you will have to decide whether the good outweighs the bad.

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