Renewable Energy

A short video that I made for science when I was In Year 10, Hope you enjoy :) Thanks so much to those who have watched this video, which has reached over 28000 views!

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  • semenonasaku1 says:

    shitty song

  • TheNayak85 says:

    HI, I am a teacher who would like to use this video to show my students. However there is one slide at the end that says, “Im with stupid”. Is there any way you could send me another version of this without that last slide? I really would like to use it, its great. I know its a lot to ask, but I would greatly appreciate it :)

  • actordude07 says:

    Coming from a person who’s only video is of them and some other dude miming to a bad viral song that everyones forgotten about :D

  • doug2877 says:

    great video

  • tantpwei says:

    Actually I have some doubt about tidal energy as truely renewable – it is the kinetic energy of the moon that brings about the tides.

  • mogul1265 says:

    Hippie fag nigger dick bitch!!! Im all for cleaner shit, but i dont lie awake in bed and cut myself and jerk off with my own tears because i burn gas and coal.

  • pacificcresttrans says:

    It is hoped that renewable energy like wind and solar will gradually replace fossil fuel. Pacific Crest Transformers has more information on this. You can also read whitepapers and articles on alternate energy at the Pacific Crest Transformers website.

  • cpretartedmuch says:

    fucking hate metalheads

  • SuperDancer999 says:

    AWW i have to do a presentatiwiv this in skewl in frnt ov class in science borinn

  • randommagnum says:

    Yes, wouldn’t it be nice? I don’t know about the UK, but in the US, those most in opposition to renewable energy are…

    The Environmentalists.

    The oppose hydropower because they want to restore land now covered by reservoirs; they oppose solar because of tortoise migration and “light pollution”; they oppose wind because of migratory birds being hit by turbine blades; they oppose geothermal because of suspected seismic impact.

    You can’t win. Their solution: human extinction.

  • DraeneiGirlsHotMuch says:

    u play shitty music.

  • scientificallygreene says:

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  • GreenEnergyAble says:

    Very nice video. Great Job.Explains a lot.

    Please subscribe.


  • AelcoEnergy says:

    Fantastic video, very informing.


  • elmexicanitoborracho says:

    we all know u wouldn’t do that -.-

  • wes019 says:

    HEMP=Fuel HEMP=Building Products HEMP=FOOD HEMP=OIL

  • jumanous says:

    interesting idea for you (pongamia as a biofuel): watch?v=rPBWkeqx9UI

  • cpretartedmuch says:

    we need renewable energy, but we dont need shitty songs.

  • xXfireXx100 says:

    awesome video I got to play it im my geography lesson! Very cool and interesting! XD

  • dmalone102 says:

    very good, showed it to my class

  • henrykay01 says:

    I invented a breakthrough energy source which violates the law of energy conservation. I have a PROOF that there are electrodynamic phenomena which violate the law of energy conservation. I am looking for $30 000 for a prototype and for $3M for patents. Making a 15 kW generator will cost $1200 in mass production, value of the energy produced yearly about $10 000.
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  • gotmaria says:

    Totally Awesome video and work. I’m def. sharing everywhere.

  • gotmaria says:

    Totally Awesome video and work. I’m def. sharing everywhere.

  • gotmaria says:

    Totally awesome work. I’m sharing everywhere! Thanks

  • gotmaria says:

    love it!

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