An Eco-Babe’s Guide to Greening It

Living green does not have to be tedious and boring. It’s an exciting foray into the lifestyle of the future; a future of lush natural fabrics, refreshing essential oils and a planet with abundant healthy ecosystems and clean air. Living green does not have to be all about tree hugging, unless you want it to be. If you’re a hair dyeing, manicure loving, and Manolo wearing babe, you can be just as green as our deadlocked, yoga doing, and granola loving sisters! Living green is not about changing who we are, it about adjusting how we are.

Together, we will learn about ways to green our:
Menstrual Cycles
Beauty Regimes
Eating Habits
Cleaning Habits and Supplies
Trash and Waste
Babies (diapering, feeding, clothing, and furnishing)
and much more!

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