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Wind Energy

Wind Energy is something that many people use on a daily basis in order to create their own power and to power their homes. It can be better than simply supporting green energy or buying it from the power company. Wind energy is something that you can actually generate for yourself, and create your own electricity to power your home.

Most wind energy is produce by the giant turbines that are set up on wind farms. This energy is created when the wind turns the arms of the turbines, and the electricity is gathered and then sent to the customers who purchase it. The turbines are very large, and the arms are also very long. This creates the wind energy, and it can be used and sold.

 However, you can put up your own mini wind turbine on your land ,which will mean that not only are you using a renewable source of energy, you are also creating it for yourself without needing to purchase it. In fact, about 7,000 Americans decided to do this in 2007 alone. They purchased a small turbine – created on a residential scale, which powered some or all of their homes. They also powered farms and small businesses with a turbine. The turbines are small, with power generators shaped like propellers. They are about 15 feet around in diameter, and are raised anywhere from 40 to 100 feet in the air. They generate clean energy that is completely green house gas free. The power that is produced is then used on site.

Wind power has amazing benefits – whether you are using wind power coming from an electric company, or wind power that you are generating right on site for yourself. You can connect to the electric grid, so you can have power when the wind isn’t blowing. This will simply mean that you use less electricity, because whenever the wind is blowing you will use wind energy. For areas that see a lot of wind, you might use your power grid only rarely. The grid connection also insures that you can sell your excess energy back to the power company, which means you also might make a profit on your electrical use.

Getting your own turbine is something to consider if you live in an area where the wind blows often, and where you have some open land that will allow the wind to reach full speeds before hitting your turbine. You can even find smaller turbines, for instance, to power accessories on boats or small farms. These turbines have battery power so when the wind isn’t blowing they can still produce power.

Even if you don’t have your own turbine, you can use wind power that is generated somewhere else. Simply ask your electric company if they supply it, or find one that does. Wind power has grown, and its popularity has grown, immensely in the past 10- years. This is because it is completely renewable, completely clean, and will last forever.

Using Bio-fuels

An important thing to consider when you are thinking about ways that you can improve the world around you, as well as run things more cheaply, is the use of biofuels. With rising gas costs, and with gas shortages that might be looming on the horizon, it is important to consider the way that biofuels might have a future in energy use. Biofuels are an important part of research and development when it comes to natural sources of power.

Biofuels are fuels that are created as a mixture. If you heat your home with oil, or even run your car with gasoline, you want to consider looking into biofuels. Most of the oil will probably be about 90 percent petroleum, but the other ten percent will be made up of renewable sources, like refined soybean oil. You wouldn’t believe that simply adding 10 percent of something else to your fuel would make a difference, but it most certainly can.

First of all, biofuels are cheaper. This is obviously because it isn’t a pure petroleum or gasoline mixture. Therefore, you aren’t paying for as much pure petroleum as you would be if you were buying fuel that was not a biofuel. So, the first important thing to consider is that you would be spending less money on biofuels.

Secondly, biofuels are actually good for the things that you run them in. Biofuel used in furnaces, for instance, actually burns cleaner. You don’t need to change the way that your engine or your furnace is set up in order to accept current biofuel mixes, but they will clean it along the way. Some biofuels, however, do require a change in your system. E85, which is made up of 85% ethanol and only 25% gasoline, requires special accommodations for your engine.

Although using biofuels isn’t equal to actually changing your home or converting it to completely run on natural and renewable energies, it does make a difference. In a world where nearly everyone is contributing to global warming and other problems, even using 10% biofuel in your home will make a difference.

If you are looking at changing the way that your home operates and becoming more green, starting with a biofuel in your furnace, or even one in your car, is a great step forward. It can make other changes much easier to come by, and it can allow you to begin to make those changes much faster. Greener heat can be something that you achieve, and even though it is only a small amount greener than your usual heat, you will still be making an impact.

Also, for most of the biofuels that are on the market, there is no additional impact on the environment. However, E85 does create a substantial amount of pollution as it is produced. Therefore, it is important to consider this as you make your decision towards biofuels.

The Added Benefits Of Photo Voltaic Vitality Procedure

PA renewable energy is sustainable and renewable unlike fuel, coal and oil that most utility organisations use. It does not provide sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury or carbon dioxide as byproducts so it doesn’t pollute the air. Due to the fact it doesn’t emit greenhouse gases, it doesn’t contribute to international warming.

Implementing photo voltaic vitality though geopeak solar lease lessens demand for fossil fuel and decreases the nation’s dependence on foreign power sources.

Solar energy for our children

All of us want to make this earth free from discrimination and it is truly disappointing to see that all the efforts which we do in this regard are in vain at the moment. Nonetheless, photo voltaic power and its significance can give us a fantastic lesson given that it is not just confined to experts and adults. There are some actions and tasks about this energy in which most people can take their component which this includes the little ones as effectively. The major purpose of these activities and tasks is to grow awareness amid the individuals about the importance of solar vitality for our long run generations.

It is best to introduce your kids to organizations just like photo voltaic energy global if they are quite efficient in conserving vitality. This organization was founded in the 12 months 1991 and it is functioning on the common principle of introducing the principle of photo voltaic vitality amongst the persons. Solar energy international is supplying things to do and courses for folks which will help them in turning out to be informed about it. Additionally, these programs and activities are also out there online. There are tutorials current for all which will be seriously beneficial for the consumers to know all the trades for the actually raising relevance of solar vitality.

Photo voltaic School – American Solar Vitality – The Training of the Potential

Though the marketplace has taken quite a few work markets and wrecked havoc, the photo voltaic technological innovation and emerging “green” collar careers and alternative energy training is developing more quickly than the financial state. It is anticipated that among 16 and 37 million staff will be in the alternative fuel work inside of the subsequent two decades. This is element of the government’s plans in public educational institutions in which photo voltaic vitality is previously staying taught to college age youngsters. Unfortunately, the grownup population is quite unknowledgeable of this growing field.

Photo voltaic college funding incorporates scholarships, some of them a hundred%, but this money has not been absolutely tapped and solar college classes are not completely total. Solar technology is expected to have 5 million work by 2012, but many of them will go unfilled except if extra college students switch their focus to this increasing occupational subject. No matter whether it is architect, engineering, setting up or procedure exploration and design and style, there is anticipated to be an inadequate variety of option vitality education systems as well as educated and certified personnel.

Newark Solar Power Project To Save 4,400 Trees

The solar array is the outcome of a cooperative work concerning Wilson and Weston Answers, Inc., with the latter possessing and running the photo voltaic panel array and marketing ability back again to the Metropolis of Newark at a charge beneath present retail prices, so the metropolis will see an immediate financial benefit.

The solar installation also created task training, through collaboration in between the city’s Engineering and Sustainability Office and a variety of neighborhood groups like the Urban Environmental Institute and NewarkWorks. Graduates earned photo voltaic set up certification from the New Jersey Institute of Know-how, which prepared them to participate in the installation and allows them to locate other, photo voltaic-connected work opportunities in the long run.

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Solar Power

Solar power is an important step in becoming self-sustaining. It is an energy that is completely clean and completely green-house gas free. It is also an energy that is renewable. The sun produces more power each day than we could ever use – even if each person used solar energy to power their homes.

Solar energy is really made up of photovoltaics. PV technology is what creates the energy from solar power. This PV technology uses silicon which produces as voltages when light hits it. Solar power started out small – with small devices that were powered by light. It has grown widely over the last 25 years, because it can be used to power anything, and is completely clean.

Solar power really has been around for a long time. It was discovered in 1905 by Albert Einstein, and was demonstrated by Bell Laboratories in 1954. NASA was the first to make widespread use of solar power, powering spacecraft with it as early as the 1960s. When solar power began to be used by homes, it was mostly off the grid. However, it has now reached the point where it is used both off grid and on grid for power.

Solar power is not exactly like things such as solar water heaters, which are using the heat from the sun. Solar power is using the actual light photons. The PV modules are treated with silicone which has been treated with doping chemicals. The light hits the silicone, and the electrons are freed, which means that they can produce power. They roll off the silicone wafers and are then collected into direct current wires. They have now created electricity and can be converted to run a home.

Much solar power is used off the grid. It can easily be used to charge batteries and power small appliances in a home. It can also be used to power an entire home, if enough solar panels are used. Like wind power, it can be stored for use even when the sun is not shining. Homes that are completely off the grid can keep and store their electricity and use it in the same way that they would use power from the power company.

Persons who use solar power can also connect to the grid. This allows them to have extra power if they need it. It can also allow them to provide the grid with power, and sell back some electricity that they aren’t using to the power company. This can be an extremely useful way of providing themselves with electricity and lowering any other electric bills that they might have.

Solar power requires installation, and your home will require adaptations so that it can run on the solar power that is produced. However, after it has been set up, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of solar power. Even if you do not install panels on your home, you can find other ways to take advantage of solar power, even if you are only powering small items.

Renewable Energy Rebates

One of the most important things to think about when dealing with renewable energy is the reason behind its use. Many people like to use renewable energy because they know that it is better for the planet and the know that they will be making a difference. However, for others, there are more reasons to use renewable energies. Many people have found that they can live more cheaply by using renewable energy, thanks to grants, rebates, and incentives.

Many times, a person wants to be able to use solar or wind power, but cannot afford to install the technology or devices that are needed to gather the energy and to use it. Prices on thee things like prices and lots of other things, are constantly going up. However, the benefits to the environment, along with the savings to the energy industry, have created situations where governments and other programs give money to people who wish to invest in natural or renewable energies.

All over the world, governments are offering help to those that want to invest in renewable energies. Australia offers 8 thousand dollars for people to invest in renewable energies. The United States also has several programs to allow people to more affordable invest in power. For instance, in California, a citizen can get $4,100 as a rebate when they purchase a wind turbine. The turbines can make anywhere from 30 to 80 percent of the power that is needed for that home, so not only is family going to get cheaper power, but they will get monetary help in order to do so alone. The turbines cost from 12,000 to 15,000 dollars, and so a rebate helps people install them.

In the United States, the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency is something that you can check in order to get a comprehensive source of information for which states will offer you help in installing renewable energies. Most of the states provide something to help you install these energies, so it is worth checking into them.

In Canada, the Office of Energy Efficiency puts out grants and incentives each year which you can take advantage of in order to get the biggest benefit out of your current power situation. Australia has the PVRP program  which is a program for photovoltaic rebates. They also have a program for grants for renewable power generators. There are also solar hot water rebates, and solar and wind rebates that you can find.

The UK offers the Low Carbon Buildings Program, which provides grants for energy buildings that will have renewable energy. Ireland has Action Renewables, will provide you with renewable energy and also grants in order to do so. All around the world, there are grants that are available to you for putting in renewable energies.

Nuclear Power as Alternative Power

Many people are frightened by the controversies that are surrounding nuclear power. However, it is impossible to deny that nuclear power has great energy potential. Often, all that people can think about are the terrible incidents, such as Nagasaki and Chernobyl. These incidents provide powerful ammunition against nuclear power. However, it is important to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages to nuclear power as alternative power.

Many countries enjoy safe nuclear power that is an alternative means of energy. For example, France uses nuclear power for about 75% of its energy, and it can say that it has the cleanest air of any industrialized nation. It also has the cheapest electricity in Europe.

Nuclear Fusion is important to understand so that a good decision can be made as to whether or not it is the best option for a country. Fission makes energy by taking the atom and splitting it. It requires very heavy metals in order to work. Fusion is the process of fusing two atoms together. This uses light nuclei, which are variations of hydrogen, for the most part.

When the atoms fuse together, the product made is helium. This is lighter than the hydrogen atoms were. The mass that was lost during the reaction is what creates the energy. This is usually in the form of heat, which can be then used to power a turbine and create electricity.

The main problem with nuclear power is that a large degree of heat must be maintained in order to make the reaction keep going for a long period of time. Both fission and fusion can create power – but it is important to decide which is better.

Fusion creates less radioactive waste – and the waste that it does drop is usually only dangerous for about 50 years. Fission, on the other hand, creates lots of waste that is reactive for tens of thousands years. This is the biggest problem with fission.

Another thing to consider is that fusion has almost no safety risks. It is a process that is self-sustained. This does mean that once a problem starts to occur, it is almost impossible to stop the reaction. Fusion, on the other hand, depends on several factors. The biggest factor is heat. If there was a malfunction, the reactors would cool, which will stop the reaction and therefore have zero risk of meltdown.

Also, the materials that are needed for nuclear fusion are found in abundance, and cannot be used to make weapons.

With all of these factors, nuclear fusion is a viable option for power. However, scientists are still working on finding a way to actually create a self-sustained fusion reactor that is energy efficient as well. The present fission reactors create energy, but have the risks that are mentioned – such as a lot of radioactive waste, the potential for meltdowns, and of course the materials that can be used to produce weapons.

Once fusion is a viable option, it might become the cleanest and most renewable source of energy on the planet.

Harness Solar Energy Advantages: Build A DIY Solar Energy System

Have you ever felt like the most difficult day of every month is when it is time to pay your power bill. If the answer is yes you are one of millions. Currently in 2011 the cost of energy is at an all time high. Current unrest in the middle east and the perpetually shrinking state of the global oil reserves is having an impact on everyday goods all across the world. Items that we take for granted like the cost of food to the cost of hydro are all on the rise and will continue that way as long as oil reserves become depleted and as long as there is unrest in the middle east.

To be a bit more upbeat these unfortunate circumstances create a great reason for us to consider other alternative energy sources that maybe we would have overlooked in the past. Given everything that is going on in the world right now, there is probably no better time to invest in alternative energy.

For example, DIY solar energy kits. It is a fact that in one hour more energy from sunlight falls on the earth than we can use in an entire year! Just think if you could harness some of that and utilise solar energy advantages for your own gain. With a solar energy system you can power your home and even heat your own water.

A home made solar energy system with the capacity to store surplus power in deep cell storage batteries can save a home owner thousands of dollars on electricity costs. Depending on the size of solar energy system a home owner builds and where they are geographically located it may be possible to reduce their energy bills by 80% or more.

Constructing your own solar energy system can cost as little as $200.00 per solar panel. To make ten to twelve panels(required for approximately 1kwh of electricity) can cost less than $1200.00. Compare that with the cost of the same size system from a commercial supplier at prices that have been known to be in the ball park of tens of thousands of dollars for a single home.

Building a home solar energy system is not as hard as you may think especially once you learn some of the basics such as soldering. A solar energy system for a home generally consists of several panels connected to one another. Therefore soldering is required to complete many electrical connections. Furthermore most of the parts you will need to complete the project are readily available at any hardware store.

In order for a to transfer the power from the system to your home you will require a solar inverter. The purpose of an inverter is to change direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. It also will increase the voltage of the AC electricity to 120 Volts AC (if you happen to live in Canada or United States) or 240 Volts AC (for other parts of the world).

A solar inverter is needed because the electricity generated by your solar panels is DC electricity. In order to use the generated solar power with your electrical devices and household appliances, it needs to be converted to the standard voltage AC electricity for your region.

A solar energy system is a one time investment that will save you thousands of dollars. On top of energy savings, once the solar energy system is installed and operating on your home, it’s value will also increase by thousands of dollars.

To continue reading about Solar Energy Advantages you can use in your favour visit to learn more about how to construct and install your own solar energy system.

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New Article About: Power Inverter, Power Charge Controller, Grid Tie Inverter – My Research For You – Everything You Need To Know Before You Start Building Your Own Solar Panel Power System Or A Wind Turbine System

Power Inverter

Generally a power inverter transforms the current from DC to AC and from a lower wattage to a higher wattage. E.g. 12v DC to 240v AC, 12v DC to 110v AC, 24v DC to 220v AC…
They have an input and one or multiple outputs. To their input is generally connected a battery or a battery bank and their outputs are just like a regular house power point where you can connect almost any electronic device that requires to be plugged into a power point, we’re talking about a medium to a large capacity inverter. E.g.: TV, radio, lamp, vacuum cleaner, toaster, hair dryer… depending on the size of your inverter which can vary from a few watts to a few KWs output.

There are two types of power inverters: modified sine or pure sine.

Modified sine power inverter is an inverter which transforms the current from a DC to AC and puts out a certain voltage based on the product you bought for example if you live in Australia you would buy a 240v, in Europe 220v in Asia 230v, in US 110v whatever power you have in your power point in your household. The current produced by this standard power inverter will be similar but not perfectly identical with the one you use at home. You can notice the difference in some fine electronics like TV, radio, some lighting, etc. If you intend to use it for this fine electronics I would not suggest this product as it can do some damage in a long term, but I would suggest a pure sine inverter.

Pure sine power inverter is an inverter which transforms the current still same from DC to AC but imitates PERFECTLY the power from your grid or household, in a pure way. They are more advanced electronically but more expensive as well, about double the price on the market.
Note! None of the above two inverters are to be used if you intend to export power from a power supply (battery, solar panel, wind turbine) to your house grid as they are not electronically ready to export power. If you connect it to a power point, instead of the current that you produced to export to the grid, the actual current from your power point will try to travel into your inverter and will without a doubt blow up. In order to export to the grid the power that you produce, there is a Grid Tie Inverter (GTI) made for this process.

Grid Tie Inverter (grid-tied)

GTI is a new technology inverter which gets either wired directly to your house grid (by a certified electrician only) usually they are larger capacity units and there are some smaller units which get plugged into a power point (power outlet) DIY.

How they work: GTI reads and analyses your grid/power point current and when connected to a battery, battery bank, solar panel or wind turbine as an input, it takes the power from this sources, transforms it perfectly into the type of power it has read and analyzed from your grid/power outlet and exports it to your grid.
If you intend to make your own solar panel power system or a wind turbine system this smaller units are very handy to use, as you don’t need to do any wiring to your main power circuit it is just a plug and play unit. Another great feature is that a grid tie inverter has the capability to turn itself on as soon as there is power coming in and turning itself off when there is none and also, turning itself off when it doesn’t read any power in your grid/power point and turning itself on when it does read some power in order to export. This feature is called Islanding protection and was created so if there is a power problem on your street or has been intentionally turned off by the electrical company in order to fix it or do some maintenance, your GTI will stop working so it will not continue to export power to the grid otherwise the electricians can get electrocuted when working with the main street grid unit knowing that there is no power on the lines as they turned it off but your GTI was still exporting it.

Power Charge Controller

A power charge controller is a smart piece of electronic device which have been designed to do a few tasks.
They have the capability to receive the power that you produce with a solar panel or a wind turbine and charge a battery or a battery bank. A second feature is that it will only allow the current to travel one way from to panels or wind turbine to the batteries and not the other way so your solar panels or wind turbine doesn’t get damaged. A third handy feature is that it stops the power from going in to the batteries once they are full so will not overcharge or damage them. Some power charge controllers have some extra features. Some have the capability, once the battery bank is full, to send the power to a load not to waste it by turning itself off. Another feature some have is a temperature control. Some have an accessory which gets plugged into the charge controller with a long wire and a temperature sensor at the other end. The sensor must be attached to the side of your battery or between batteries in within your battery bank. What this does from here, it reads your battery temperature and keeps your charge controller updated about it. If the temperature goes above a factory set temperature point, the charge controller will turn itself off to protect the batteries in case there is a fault in within your battery bank. Another little feature can be an LCD which can tell your battery bank’s voltage, the amount of watts or amps being sent to your battery. I tried a few different brands in the past but most advanced brand that I had in hand and I’m currently using in Xantrex. It has all the above mentioned features. Some other people’s favorite brand is Sunnyboy. There are lots of brands to choose from.

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Learn How To Build Your Own Solar Panel Power System With Grid Tie Inverter

Need a step by step article on how to build your own solar panel power system for home, garage, remote property or a holiday house, than you are in the right place as I previously helped a few people to build their own. I received great feedback and some people went above and beyond and are now off grid enjoying an electricity bill free household. There is a lot of research to do before you get started and good thing you landed here reading my article because I’m happy to share with you all my research I’ve done.

I’ve posted some content with a full explanation about how it works and how I’ve connected all the components together: solar panels, wiring, switch disconnect/fuses box, power charge controller, grid tie inverter, regular power inverter, power meters/monitors, and a deep cycle battery bank.

A quick and easy start with a basic solar panel power system.
Tips on how to build your own solar panel power system with grid tie inverter

Firstly you need a solar panel to start. Recommended are the Mono-crystalline as they’re the most advanced at the moment, they have quite a long life (15-25 years). Mono-crystalline panels are made of little square cells about 5 x 5cm each, connected in series. Mono-crystalline panels can be found anywhere from 1 W to 280 W at the moment at 12 V or 24 V. It is very important to place the panels in a good spot where they will get the most sun on them and a safe and strong mounting is required as well.

Next you need some wire which recommended is the solar cable/wire with double insulation and UV protected, outdoor ready. Depending on how big you want the system to be, the more advanced equipment you find available and the more expensive it is, but we`re talking about a basic system to start with. For one of these systems you can use just a power gardening wire hidden from the sun, it will do the job.

At this point we have the panel, firmly installed with a good positioning towards the sun and wired. That`s all what you need to produce power.
How to use the power that is getting produced by the panel…

There are three ways:

1-use the power that is getting produced straight from the panels (during the day only)

2-store the power in a battery bank and use it when needed

3-export the power produced straight to your home grid (again during the day only)
List of components I’ve used with my system:
-1x 12v 100w solar panel
-1x 24v 120w solar panel
-4x 4.5kA fuses
-1x C60(60amp) Xantrex Power charge controller (12v or 24v settings)
-1x 300w grid tie inverter Power Jack – China 20v -> 240v
-1x 250w grid tie inverter Masspower – USA 20v -> 240v -2x Power Meter UK
-2x 30A fuses
-1x BitMB Power inverter 3000w continuous and 6000w peak 24V->240V DC->AC (modified sine)
-4x 150Ah 12V Deep Cycle batteries, connected in series and parallel so they work as 24V 300Ah
-1x DC 4way switch
-14x battery cables
-2x pairs PV plug
-20m outdoor electric wire
To watch the video for this article, click HERE
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Frequently Asked Questions About The Magnetic Generator

There has been a lot of controversy over the issue of the best alternative energy source as our next green energy solution; there have also been many questions about the Magniworks generator. I have answered some of the most common questions to the best of my knowledge.

What is a magnetic generator? The concept is actually quite simple, you have a bunch of magnets on a turbine and they produce more energy than it takes to turn it .which means once it is started This alternative energy generator produces free electricity indefinitely.

How does a magnetic generator work? As explained by John C Bedini (scientist) the motor works as follows, an outer rotor rotated by a brass shaft at 5,610 RPM, which causes the winding assembly to pass between permanent magnets. When this outer rotor is rotating, a second inner rotor is rotated opposite the first rotor. This action then causes the outer rotor to continue to rotate at 5,600 RPM with the inner rotor also continuing to rotate at 2,200 RPM. Magnetic flowing energy is then removed at the six energy removal locations as the unit rotates 24 hours per day at a rate in excess of the equivalent of a one horsepower standard electrical generator. The driving force that actually rotates these rotors is a perfect harmony of attract polarities which create a release timing caused by the interaction of both rotors

What are the benefits of having a magniwork generator for the home? It sounds too good to be true, the magnetic generator is environmentally friendly and doesn’t produce any damaging byproducts. All you have to do is start it and it will produce free electricity indefinitely, you can build it to fit your personal requirements. You can either reduce your electric bill or eliminate it forever.

Is there proof that the Magniworks generators really work? There are hundreds of thousands of successful Magniworks generators users and these numbers are increasing very quickly, as more people find out that these are the best source of electricity and that they really work.

Why isn’t everybody using this alternative energy source? I think for a couple of reasons, one being that people just don’t know about the magnetic generator. I also think that some people are skeptical; I mean having a free energy generator seems too good to be true. But that will change as the word gets out.

How come I haven’t heard about this green energy solution? It seems that the giant corporations have been very successful at suppressing the idea of a perpetual motion generator creating free electricity. The more people that find out and use these magnetic energy generators the less control that the big corporations have over us. And that will reduce the huge profits that they are making.

What does perpetual motion mean and how can it create free electricity? The dictionary describes it is a machines that produces more work or energy than they consume, which operate indefinitely. You will hear people say that there is no such thing as perpetual motion, which is true because eventually some of these parts will wear out and have to be replaced.

How much does it cost to buy this green energy generator? You can’t actually purchase a magnetic generator, you can buy the digital plans on how to build a magnetic generator which are under $100 dollars, and then you have to get your own parts which you can get from an electronics store like radio shack and your local hardware store. I am told that you can get everything that you need for complete set-up for around $300 dollars

Are these magnetic generators really the best source of electricity? You have to ask yourself this; do I want free electricity and not impact the environment? Lately more and more people are trying to find an alternative energy source that is environmentally friendly and inexpensive; it seems that the Magniworks generator helps with both these causes.

Why do I have to build a magnetic generator? At this time there is no place that you can purchase these magnetic energy generators. I am told due to the suppression of the big corporations that they are only allowed to sell these kits for residential purposes only and are not supposed to be used for commercial use

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